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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 ways to know you've been away from home for too long

1. when you're home, your family just look at you with a blank expression, as if you've never been gone.

2. rack, bed and table dipenuhi barang. and after several inspection and observation, mostly AREN'T your stuff.

3. unfamiliar boxes with things which AREN'T yours.

4. underwears buruk-buruk in your undies department (in my case, boys briefs. aneh kan?)

5. cadar, dan bantals tidak ditukarkan.

6. mug toothbrush suddenly jammed with toothbrushes that AREN'T yours.

7. shampoo bottles and other toiletries in the toilet that AREN'T yours.

8. at "bye, nak gi dah ni" times, your family just look at you, say goodbye and resume attention
to tv.

9. you carry your stuff to the car yourself (if before, brothers used to help).

10. your aunts and uncles asks if you're still in pahang doing matrix or if you're doing your practical training.


Afiq Abd Malik said...


Haha. Wait until you can afford to give them monthly allowances in few months time.

They will love you like you're the best MJ's impersonator (in your case, Greenday or Iyaz lah)

Do not worry much :)

edy said...

muahahaha...this one's funny. i thought i was the only one who experience this.

yang no 4 tu x pelik, sebab dah tau. muahahaha...

woody said...

i get all of those