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Monday, December 28, 2009

have mercy 2010

2009 has (still is) consisted of the best times and the worst times of my life.

  • the last half of internship, which was real fun, and the first half of my final year, which sucked like crazy.
  • the craziness of breaking a relationship and starting a new one.
  • my hair that used to be wavy and kembang is now stick straight.
  • the car swap from a red and tall kembara to a pink and low aveo. (not complaining, fyi)
  • my cat's long and proud tail which is now, unfortunately, a short stump.

i hope 2010 will make all these experiences and mostly changes, worth going through.

Happy New Year everyone!


woody said...

pink aveo, lol, still xleh nk imagine..

.m.e. said...

believe it..

ask said...

bon.aku da drive pon xleh nak imagine.haha!

.m.e. said...

imagine it.
hahaha!! (saya takde modal)