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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Deja Vu

I think all the deja vus',
were real experiences or encounters that we had had,
and its a deja vu because

someone meddled with time.

come on.. think about it! or at least hear me out.. =p
we've all watched movies about time travelling, jumpers, transporters, time machines, back to the futures (all 3 of them), futurama, apa-movie-disney-yang-pasal-budak-tu-gi-future, etc etc.
you know what i'm talking about kan. if you don't, memang i hantar pelempang guna pos laju to you. bagi address first.

what if someone already found a way to meddle with time?
what if someone is playing around or experimenting with time?
we're going through the present like nobody's business, then patah balik, then go into it again.
and it's deja vu!

what if..

who knows what people are capable of! we are only using 10% of our brain. what if someone's using more than that? hence, able to create this thingy that can manipulate time. mana la tau kan.
one cannot know, out of billions of beings on this Planet, that one can create or have such power.

itulah theory saya.

i shall call it
The theorem of Mardemar Zibibaba. hehe!


ps: selamat bercuti rakan-rakan! the hell with this sem! let's have fun! wooohoooo!

pps: if i sound like an idiot for coming up with this theory of mine, then i'm sorry. i'm not that moronic nor am i a bimbo. i just have a different perspective. =)


PULLAH said...

maybe~~ who knows

aween mokhtar said...

did u read the lost symbol by dan brown?
It's called Noetic Science.
Or you have watched Time Traveller's wife?
My fren said ade experiment yg proved a very tiny particle had dissapeared to god knows where.
But, my fren said, if time travelling is possible, why haven't a person from the future shows up? Hehe.
Have fun cuti ye Maria!We shud meet up sometimes :)

.m.e. said...

no i havent read the book yet! but i wannaaaaa!! n i havent watched the movie either!!
also, like in the movies, they dont wanna or cant show up now, nanti create havoc. kann?? hehee..

mudslinger said...

interesting theory.... but i thought a deja vu means there's a glitch in the Matrix. heh heh...