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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

of of.


all bands have had their photoshoot..

excuse me?

bila lagi?

a cocky remark: why should we? everyone knows we're hot anyway. *confident grin*

rasa nak tampar? jangan la. we just can't gather everyone in the band just yet. semua busy kan. and there're so many good photographers in utp, but segan nak ask for favour. how? hahaha!

sign off: kami la si band yang semangat lebih, pre-jamming ada, jamming ada, cut short our songs, si nak tarik diri coz hazel tak dapat masuk final eupho(cerita lama), si tak confident nak goreng2 coz we feel we're not good enough.

either you love us or hate us.

so please, excuse me.


woody said...

excuse me are great~!!

Azhani.Azizan said...

Band Impromptu pon mane ade photoshoot lagi!! :P

Adreen Nordin said...

moo jom join photoshoot ngan excuse me.

Azhani.Azizan said...

ahaha bila?? i kene kumpul budak2 tu dulu aaahahahaha