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Monday, June 15, 2009

Flying kick

i dont care what you might think of my post, or what im gonna call you.
if you happen to read this, i want you to feel the geramness emitting from me.

you dumbass.
i can take it when you said you have a girlfriend.
i can accept the fact that you moved on.
i can fight for my ring when you asked for it back and see you wear all the clothes i gave you without getting all nostalgic or all that nonsense.
i can look through my portion of our bill without going through yours coz i respect you enough not to intrude into your life.
i can talk to you face to face without reminiscing.
i know you well though you think i dont.
i can freaking accept the fact that you've gone out with so many different girls without feeling jealous or hatred or wateva bad feelings an ex should feel.
im happy to see you happy. with whoever you're dating.

but i cannot take it when you freaking leave me out when you go out with our friends.
or i thought were my friends.
what's this bullshit about there are two sides of the family??
there's still sides???
that was years ago!
but fine.
if that's how it is. if that's how you want it.
fine then.
leave me out.

i feel sorry for myself for thinking i was part of the family.
you and your promises.
let's lepak, you said. kepala hotak.

okay. i feel a wee bit better. i know i said some of this stuff to you already. but i dont care. its my blog.

ps: period seriously puts me in an emotional roller coaster.


Diana said...

r u okay dear umi?

Nina Alyssa said...

r u ok babe??

Maria said...

im ok je.
just a bit da geram one. but im fine really!

nurul nasuha said...

kak maria, u're gonna be fine..

trust me, i am a fortune teller..