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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


today is da very da serabut one..

- took me longer than usual to choose what to wear.

- i terputuskan my necklace given by my parents for my 21st bday.

- ppl kept on stepping on da hem of my pants in the lrt.

- bad hair day.

- had to buy 7 nasi lemaks across da street.

- went to a talk by Emerson ppl, and i tersungguk like crazy(even after drinking a whole cup of nescafe). and i was sitting at da very front. very very front.

- my phone got barred. cant call out, cant text ppl. doom.

- bloody lrt car park was full and my car kept on rolling backwards when i put it on neutral(double parking), so i was forced to make 1 huge round around bloody kj and park in a paying parking lot.

- mom dont like barry.

and its only 12.30pm.

confirm: i am pms-ing, not pmi-ing. hehehe!


why.don' said...

wat is dat?

Maria said...

why dont you ask as? hahahaha!!