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Monday, November 17, 2008

Wait for it...


it feels sooooo extremely freakingly good to have a free weekend. in UTP!

so wat did i do?

we went to this place called Top One in batu gajah on saturday.. OMGahh!! CHEESECAKE DIA TO DIE FOR! i ngan pes cam nak nangis makan da cake(ern takde feeling..peliks), and da coleslaw.. dammit, sedapnya! and inot's kuey tiow thingy yg sup dia meliurkan.. and ain's wat-lamb-rice-thingy yg soury tastey and so sedap.. my chicken chop was good too.. dammit! ohhhh.. y did i only know dis place now.. if i knew of it earlier.. i would.. i would.. I WOULD FREAKING BUY DA FREAKING CHEF! pastu suruh dia masak for me. or even sweeter, i suruh dia ajar i masak da thingys. awesome..

oh and i watched.. wait for it.. How i met your mother! da whole of season 1 je la baru..
its really cute and funny in its own unique way..
its like friends, tp modern sket. and ada barney. yg pelik.
but friends is still my favourite la. takleh lawan beb.

a few semesters ago, i was one of the Threesome.
the Threesome consisted of:
1. me
2. inot aka ina aka inabasta
3. ern aka ernie bernie

we had this 'threesome dance' routine dat i swear u guys are gonna roll over and beg for us to do it again coz its too cool, TOO COOL. (padahal tak pun)
and the Threesome were friends characters too.
i was Phoebe, ern was Rachel and inot was Monica.
err.. dats all da point i was trying to make. we were friends girls. err.. tepuk tangan sket? hehehe..

yeahhhh.... now dat we all dah 3rd year, several things happened since. hairs changed colours and style, moved rooms, dan sebagainya.

wat happened to the Threesome?
well, we didnt go jamming, for one. its no one's fault. i would say it was dis sems' fault!
ngan etp nya la.. internship la.. too busy trying to cope with studies and juggling dramas in between.. and of course, we're getting older. older and rustier. well, da other girls la. im still 20. muahahahaha!!! oh, ilyia is 20 too.. oh well, she's an elena gak, so we're cool. muaahahhahaa!!

anywho, internet sucks here. right? right? sucks bagaikan langit, berwarna biru, sebiru hatiku(melly goeslaw-bagaikan langit). cam nak bagi a big slap kat da freaking connection. big universe slap(haha, kuno). i have been trying to reconnect myself into the cyber world tetapi its like da itms ppl mmg nak i watch how i met ur mother habis 1 season and waste time just staring into space and daydreaming about internship nanti.

i bet most of u's were doing da same thing kan!

wat da heck are we supposed to wear? tetiba go there all professional looking, pastu they give us this blue pajama-like baju pastu naik bas kilang gi keje kat plant or wateva. haha!! cute gila if dat actually happened. i would cry my eyes out and laugh at with da bus driver. (not making much sense but so wat?)


ok la..

its late and i've rambled on so many random, uninteresting facts of my life dat cant be learnt from, hence i'll stop here.
with a cheery note:


and just do your best!

-i am me.
p.s: tyro is getting weirder now.. i know he's nocturnal but he's unnaturally nocturnal.. and it worries me.. maybe dia nak baligh..

song of da day: the view from the afternoon. arctic monyets.

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