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Monday, November 17, 2008


ok, i know i dah posted an entry dis morning, but this i gotta share before i forget(for i am a bit da pelupa)

yesterday, i borrowed my car to mayam and her *ehem*. so had to give my keys la kan kat si *ehem* tu. (see mayam, saya blh keep it a secret)
so as i was looking at my darling Barry Shaberry, i saw a piece of paper kat da wiper. i dah cuak.
ingatkan saman.
bila tgk, rupanya its a note. it says:


i want to talk to you now!
call me.


something like dat la. but it was for a Mickey. n i am so not mickey. im a minnie.
so i was disgusted and geli, so i put it on a car next to mine. i think it was a grey saga, or a black gen2. i dont quite remember.. all i remembered was da kegelian n rasa cam nak muntah.
dat was it la yesterday.
then tadi, i went to taman maju. n i saw a piece of paper on da wiper.
cuak again.
another saman?
oh tidak.
another note rupanya. it says:

" you put my note on an other car and the guy call me and he thought i am gay. why did u do dat? =(


something like dat. i was to disgusted to memorise da freaking note as u can see.
who da hell is dis mamat? stalker gila.
but to da guy who called dis weirdo and called him gay,
From da bottom of my heart,
u made my day!! we were laughing about it da whole from taman maju to bilik about it!!
to think dis weirdo actually thinks im mickey and barry is mickey's car and put his number there as if im gonna call him and nak buat muka sedih coz a guy called him gay.
well sorry la. my mom taught me to not talk to strangers. peliks.

u asked for it. gay.

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aku ker? said...

seriously its damn funny!!! hahahahahaha