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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hey Ho Lets GO

(lagu dalam otak: the heart of life by John my man Mayer)

so yeah.
overated siooot.
but im doing it now. y ek?
i remembered telling a friend of mine(u know who u are) that bloggers write blogs coz no one wants to listen to them. i still think so. HOWEVER, i think blogging isnt such a bad thing after all. sometimes ppl dont ask, and sometimes u just write watever lesson u've learnt and then let them peeps read and learn from it bila2 they want to.
hebat tak conclusion saya?
saya percaya, nescaya saya hebat.
i tak suka kerepek sangat, but i like merepek.

lesson #1 on how to be a Maria.
- How to Sleep macam nate gapo tah.
1. spread urself out as wide as possible over the katil (note: katil di utp agak la besar, so boleh dipraktikkan).
2. put half of ur body melintang across da katil and ur kaki letak atas kerusi (note: only for corner lots in v4, v3)
3. imagine ur a snail. sleeping in a tight enclosed space is hard, no? just gulung urself. biar hidung touch ur knees, and fingers touch ur toes. voila!
4. sleeping in classes (my favourite)
-put ur head down up hold ur pen/pencil up.
-put ur head back and just sleep like there's no tmrw.
-guna kerusi sebelah as ur base.
-put ur head on ur knees and use both hands(position tangan cam nak doa tu), and sleep in ur hands.

if u follow these methods, u will find at least a few that u favour most.
happy trying!! and gimme da feedbacks yeah!

-saya si mars bars.


Nina Alyssa said...

yayy! good way to keep in touch ngn u, miss u babe mwahs!

ruz said...

yeah,we do think bloggers have no life o no frens but NO.its not about that,its about expressing urself. ^_^ i like 2 type3 three... weeeheeee

penanya (?) said...

i do blog for money. :)

nama.aku.lynn said...

just start to fall in HEART with maria elena! ;)

mudslinger said...

hi maria, just wanted to drop you a note. i came across your blog a few days ago and have enjoyed reading your posts and watching your videos. i don't normally go around commenting, but after reading more posts, i thought i'd just stop and say how much i enjoyed them. actually the thought came after i saw your photo with the hana tajima post. that one really cracked me up! so here i am at the start of it all, your first entry. i'm determined to read the whole blog (thank goodness i work at home) and maybe drop some comments here and there. i will let you know when i finish reading the entire thing ok. till then, keep up the good work!

lisa min said...

kerana saya sangat suka membaca blog kak maria, saya telah baca sehingga ke entry pertama kak maria. sangat seronok!

dalam kelas biasa saya tidur ala ala pegang kepala. dengan harapan bile lecturer tanya, cakaplah pening kepala. hahaha.

Iqa_96 said...

weih! panda kecek kelate ko? engat x reti dohh...haha...harap u faham...LOL..

anis aniesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fizi Zaidi said...

dtg baca entri pertam k. maria..:D

Ummi amirah afini said...

i did all...n my chairda wassalam patah.kat kelas jangan cakap ah..directly truz tido...-utp foundi may13-