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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cerita cameron

hokie dokie.. i am home. at last.

last week after our last paper, we (anis, mayam, ern, me, and ruz) went to Cameron Highlands BEBEH! best gila ok!! it took us around 2 hours to go up there. da second hour tu, was all about kona kona(aka corner) and selekoh belekoh. cam cool je coz dah lama tak experience da selekoh belekoh feeling where we all fight against inertia.


i remember it as if it was yesterday.. we were in form 4.. or was it form 5? anyway, we were learning about inertia.. and momentum and such. but inertia, for some reason memang cam.. da best thing i've ever learnt. sbb dia cam.. cool!



it was soooo much fun! our top priority was da strawberry farm. we bought so many! i bought 3 packs of strawberries coz cam nampak so lawa and nice. OH! btw, i bawak tyro there. he likes da place it seems. he slept in my jacket throughout da journey up there..

then, we went to da park kat da town.

ni ruz and mayam having some flying experience. 'david blaine' konon..
soon after, we went to STARBUCKS. yes. STARBUCKS. tak tau la nape. maybe coz it felt like we were in London or something so nak have mat salleh tea time style.

i love my girls. we did several antm-ish poses which i would not include here coz its for our eyes only but i tell u.. they're hawt! hehehehe.. we went back later that nite, and da trip down almost made ruz spew(thank god she didnt) but the others cam chill je. haha! it was ruz's first time going to cameron lagipun.. so its understandable.
then sampai di perak yg cool nak mampus, we went to Top 1!!! again!! i love da place. sedap nasi mereka dan cake mereka.

i want da cake.

so yeah. then balik la utp. as a conclusion:
our last day in utp as students(before leaving for internship and meet as employers) was spent together and da memories we've had in cameron, well, i hope i wont forget coz it was just F.U.N!

saya sayang kamu wahai gadis gadis hot.
(padahal sume intern kat kl..)


Adreen Nordin said...

kamooo i didnt knw u hv a belog. hehe.. i'll link urs to mine :)

ruz said...

;D i love u guys 2o ....weeeee... nak gambar2..hehehehe