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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Free Palestine

 Palestine in my heart.

I've been posting stuff on instagram, sharing & reposting things that would be useful information for people who are still unaware, forgotten, and fallen for their lies.

Coz, let's be real. There are still a lot among us who are either not supportive of any Palestine movements or don't want to be involved in the cause.

But it's ok. I do whatever i can anyway, not just for others, but for myself too because i had forgotten at some point.. This time, i hope (may Allah help me), that i can continue to remember them. 👐

For the past month, i came to a conclusion that UN is useless, arab nations are twisted, and yemen is brave.

In the case of UN... Israshits had bombed UNRWA schools, UN refugee camps, UN staff, and still, they just... do nothing.

If you wanna know the 'WHY' they're not doing anything despite the many meetings, many throwing words here and there, read this. It's just stupid nonsense, in my opinion. The israshits were already proven guilty of illegally occupying, committing war crimes, using banned weapons, but still the UN's not gonna enforce their legal power on them. They're not prosecuting their baby setanyahu. 

And oh my goodness... the lies, the propaganda, the stupid 'evidence' the israshits been planting... it's a disgusting joke at this point.

But in spite of all this, there are some good things.

I've seen people (non-muslims) reading the Quran, people rewiring their perceptions about Islam, and about the indigenous people whose lands they are occupying (the mat sallehs la). For us non-mat-sallehs, it's being free from their ways, uninfluenced by their superficial standards, and being closer to our own religion, culture and history. Lies and hypocrisy being exposed. Allah bongkarkan segalanya and the chosen ones, with His Permission, will see the truth.

While, alhamdulillah, our country memang pro-palestine which means our tax money doesn't go to the israshits' pockets, we still need to do our best in not giving them even the bare minimum through boycott. But i know, ada je yang tegar tak nak boycott. Takpe la diorang tu. May Allah help all of us in our efforts to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

I've been telling my kids about this too, because who knows, maybe by the time my kids dah besar, diorang yang akan perjuangkan mereka yang oppressed. If something like this happens in their time, i hope they can look back at the Palestinians, and see how the world tried to save Palestine from genocide. They may have better solutions, better knowledge, and better order implementation before it's too late. And most of all, hope they are free from corruption. InshaAllah, amiiin~

I tried to teach them about 'self-defense' too. When is self-defense ok, and when it is not. The difference between defending and attacking. The difference between standing up for yourself and revenge. It isn't easy, to be honest 😅 Their sense of justice is still not matured yet. Huhu.. tapi tu la. Kena la ajar so that diorang tau the difference. 

So yeah.

Itu je la nak cite... May Allah help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I hope that the children can grow into amazing people, that they can rebuild their lives in peace, and that they can have the freedom they deserve in their homes, their lands, and may their victory come soon. Amiin~

credit: AlJazeera