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Tuesday, September 20, 2022


 I had extra potato pieces in my kari telur, so i thought of making karipap ikea la kan.

The recipe looked simple enough too.

For the skin, flour + melted butter + water. Simple. Inti pulak just empukkan kentang tu dan perhangat sampai kekeringan sikit. Telur potong je la.

Kinda looks like chicken nuggets...

Look at my 💫seni kelim💫

Looks ugly
But tastes good

First time doing it, ok la kan?
Tapi i tengok orang kata diorang buat first time pun lagi lawa dari mine ni bahahahaha 😅

I'm the definition of *never succeed the first try*. Seriously.

Oh well.. Next time boleh la try lagi and maybe it'll look better 😜

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