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Monday, October 25, 2021

Re-learning solat

 It has been many years since i've started praying etc kan, so i should be very pro at it kan...

But i guess when it comes to something we habitually do, eventually we will make mistakes and overlook them.

Not too long ago, i had been teaching nadrah how to solat.

Bila tengah ajar dia all the doa and stuff, suddenly i got confused.

Like, is it kha sound or ha, is it dza or za, is it tsa or sa?

And then i had to re-learn all the surah and doas that i've known all my life to find that i messed up so much of them 😰

Even doa makan yang basic tu pun rupanya i salah.


So here i am, reminding myself and whoever reading this, to take some time to re-learn, correct ourselves and improve our spiritual knowledge & practices.

It feels sort of... embarrassed and regretful when i found out how i have been reciting stuff wrongly.. i hope that i can always improve myself and that Allah swt can forgive my shortcomings and mistakes, and accepts my ibadah thus far.

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