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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Nadrah in Pajamas


Mars, did you just? Did you? Change the... header?

*imagine Kourtney Kardashian's facial expression*
Yeah. I'm like, totally excited about it.
It's like, totally, me.
Know what i mean.

I'm no artistic person, but trust me to try new things and sharing them like nobody's business when i know it's so completely utterly noob.
And that's the thing about me:
I don't care.
I just like trying new things. And here's the product of me experimenting on adobe illustrator, because it might be useful in future, who knows, and i'd like to be able to at least do some basic stuff. It's sort of fun too actually.. Why didn't anyone teach me how to use it long time ago?!

Oh ya.

Nadrah has just started school this week.
It's a long story, but basically, husband and i agreed that it's for the best.

Nadrah ni, agak gangsta la. And by gangsta, i mean independently strong-willed little explorer.
She's got a lot of energy that just watching her pun can make us tired. (seriously, everyone said that..)
And all this while, we took her to the curve punya kids zone's play area, because it's the only place where she likes. She didn't quite like the one in ikano yang kat atas sekali tu.

A few weeks ago, I took Eva (my cousin's daughter) who's a year older than nadrah with us to my mom's house. Nadrah and i go there on daily basis anyway, and since my cousin lives in the same condo as us, i thought, hey, nadrah needs a friend to spend her energy with, so why not!

And fuhhh!! I tell ya, it was like a hurricane in the house. The girls would play with each other, and then suddenly both are screaming. Then one of them starts crying, and the other runs away.
Or they'll both fight and grab for something.
But the screaming and the crying and the MESS!
It was incredible.
A work of art.


That was when i realised that nadrah had sharing issue. She doesn't know how to share. And to make her understand the concept of sharing wasn't easy. Coz she's only 1+years old!! Haha! Nak cerita panjang panjang kat dia pun bukan dia paham sangat!
We explained to her already, siap demo lagi.

"Ha, like this ok nadrah? Understand?"

Yeah right. Pffft!

I thought she'll get it soon enough. But after a few weeks of having eva over, she still couldn't share. I think partially it's because my mom's house is still like a comfort zone, so she knows she can still get her way.

And that was when i realised that nadrah kinda needs to learn how to social. At the play area at the curve tu, she usually just push her way to where ever she wants to go (which is the slide where she gets to swing at the bar before going down the slide), or just weave herself around the kids. She can play with kids, but she doesn't know how. She just stares at them. How can they not be confused with her?
Kesian. Baru setahun lebih hidup kan. HAHAHA!

Because nadrah ni suka pergi walk up to kids randomly, in hopes they will just accept her and play with her, i thought she needs to at least get used to it. Perhaps she'll learn how to "break the ice" or whatever la. If she's not like that, i think i wouldn't even consider sending her to playschool.

Alhamdulillah last week when i sent her over to the playschool for a "test drive", she was excited to see so many kids that she didn't even said goodbye to me. Buat dek je and sat at a chair as if she knows the place so well. That was why i felt confident that she'll be ok in playschool.

Btw, before anyone nak melenting ke apa, the school is near my house je, and it's just for 4 hours. To Nadrah, it's like 15 minutes.

Now baru second day. So far, so good. The teachers already confirmed my hypothesis on nadrah, so i hope they are well equipped and physically and mentally prepared to handle nadrah and the rest of the children. Huhu! But i'm so grateful that she likes going to school. Oh ya, eva pun sama skolah! Hehehe! I can imagine what they're up to in the school together. =p
Lagi dia tau eva ada, lagi semangat dia nak gi skolah dia!

I hope that nadrah will learn things i can't teach her and that she'll have some childhood fun with her peers. Eventhough i don't remember my preschool days, but i guess i must've learnt some things there. I mean, i had learned to use the potty. That's a really good thing.

because i don't have the picture of her in her playschool. =p

*title of this post is inspired by Bananas in Pajamas. And because nadrah is in her pajamas in this pic.


atiqa aris said...

comeell je kak maria dgn nadrah ni. dari dulu dok perati je :)

Izyan Balqis said...

nadrah cepat menyesuaikan diri. Alhamdulillah dan Insya-Allah Nadrah akan lebih banyak belajar di sekolah dia. heeee

RadinAden said...

Masa saya dan hubby decide nak hantar anak kami ke sekolah. Parent saya dan in law saya object katenya kecik lagi dan kesian budak. Anak kami dah 3 tahun so memang sebelum ni in law yang jaga. Tapi disebabkan kami tengok anak kami ada masalah sosial tak reti main dengan budak lain, tu yang kami decide hantar pi sekolah untuk 4 jam bukan day care pun just untuk main-main dan kalau serak pun serakkan skool tu.

Akmar Ramli said...

Hai Maria,

we all pun hantar imran awal ke sekolah. Last year cukup setahun, we all terus hantar masuk montessori. Penat jugak ke sana ke mari cari school untuk budak ni masuk. Sebab kecil lagi kan? So banyak montessori yang tak nak accept. Kebetulan ada satu montessori dekat je dengan tempat kerja ayahnya. So memang hantar ke situ. So far, alhamdulillah. Dah setahun lebih ni, memang sangat positive. Pandai bergaul dengan budak-budak lain walaupun dari umur yang berbeza, and even words pun banyak bertambah sebab dia banyak communicate dengan kawan-kawan dan jugak teacher. Instead of hantar pengasuh dan tak earn something untuk diorang belajar, better hantar school sb dalam masa yang sama, diorang akan belajar banyak benda kat school. :)

Anonymous said...

wah...nice header ni Maria...Fidah ingat salah masuk blog tadi

Unknown said...

comel je akak nii

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ochs widdle said...

wah..kak maria, mind to share perkembangan nadrah masuk playschool.

sbb anak saya, hantar rumah babysitter yang more like taska,ada budak2 lain pun still ada ada sharing issue.

Terfikir jugak nak hantar playschool, tapi risau..

mrs.A said...

playschool kat mane ye ni..?share pls..