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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sick Week


Ok so the past week have been..umm.. sickening?

Nadrah got high fever due to viral infection since last monday, to the point she had to be hospitalised for 2 days. 

it was really tiring, and patience-testing period trying to take care of a toddler when they're sick coz they're always cranky. I was so stressed out that i texted a friend asking for advices on how to cope and handle the situation, coz seriously, i was going bald by the second.
Nadrah was screaming, throwing tantrums, refusing food and water, and REFUSING ME!

"Tanak ummi! Tanak ummi!" she kept saying.
At first, my heart shattered la gak. Mana tak nya. anak aku tanak kat aku!! Sampai hati.. Aku jugak mengandungkan kau... Aku jugak mandikan, susukan, bagi makan minum, pakaikan baju, cebokkan bontot... samppai hatii..... *sob sob*

And then when my friend said that kids do this sometimes, coz dia frustrated and whatnot, terus i cuba lepaskan my drama, and became stone cold steve austin on nadrah. minus the wrestling part la. except masa nak bagi makan ubat... bahahaha =p

So dia kata "tanak ummi", and i said "tanak ummi sudah. i don't care, makan." 
and when she fights me off, i just let her be, and let her calm down on her own. when she gets bored of not getting attention, then only i pujuk dia. i make funny faces ke, sing ke, whatever i had the mood of doing. hehe..

So alhamdulillah, she's gotten all better by friday and the doc let us go. seriously, i was hoping that we could go home the day before, but doc still wanted to monitor her. nadrah wasn't the only one suffering from suffocation and boredom. oh well.
trying on my shoes. coz she's too bored. kesiannnn..

Sponging down nadrah wasn't easy too. whenever the towel (warm or cold) touches her, she just swats our hands and throws angry punches or kicks. i tell ya, this girl is a strong one! part of me memang rasa kagum - a year old girl already know self defense!! impressive!! 
and a part of me gets annoyed - like seriously, baby, your body is heating up and i just want to cool it down! chill la!

ikut bapak dia ya - disclaimer. hahahaha!

oh, and the irony. since i've been staying over at the hospital, i have been eating hospital food la. on the day we were 'checked in' our hospital room, after eating my dinner there, i felt a twinge in my tummy. but the day we were discharged... that evening, i was purging and vomitting, hey, it was ugly. i got fever too, to put cherry on top of things. 

alhamdulillah it was already the weekend, so my husband had to take over everything in our house, including taking care of me and nadrah! hehehee!

kesiaaannnnn dia!!

i was in the room rolling in the bed and clutching my stomache (oh, i was food-poisoned. yeah, from hospital food. told you, ironic kan?) and nadrah and hubby in another room doing whatever else. watching nadrah's favourite shows, playing with her, etc etc. 

it was funny though, last night.

i was in the bedroom trying to sleep my fever off, when i heard nadrah and abah dia macam berbalas balas.
then i focused sikit.

"Nadah shim!" hubby said (means nadrah swim, and swim means mandi in her bath tub)
"Abah shim!" nadrah replied
"Nadah shim!" hubs replied her back
"Abah shim" nadrah replied her dad back

and this actually went on for a while and hubby was laughing during their 'heated' debate. i was walking like a zombie with my phone, of course attempting to record the whole thing, but by the time i reached them, nadrah gave in to her dad. she wasn't happy about losing the debate too. hehehehe!!!
it was so cute, rasa cam rugi tak dapat record on camera!

and that's what blogs are for. =p

today, alhamdulillah, i am fever-less, and not food poisoned anymore, and nadrah is also getting back to her usual strong, active, talkative self again! weeeee!

so, as much as it really sucks to be sick and all, i think the worst part was seeing our kid getting injected. you know, the time when the doc/nurse had to put the needle through their vein on the top of the hand, to get blood samples, and to put the iv thing.

fuhh! my heart crushed when nadrah was screaming in pain, and i was also about to cry. alhamdulillah,  i didnt because i needed to be strong for her. i'm not sure what that actually meant, but at the time, that's really what i felt. if i cried with her, then? not crying meant i can pujuk her and make her laugh afterwards. hehe.. tu je =)

and seriously, i need to be more grateful for our health. it's something i always forget to thank Allah for.

Alhamdulillah, ya Allah. Thank you =') 


edlidza said...

stay strong dear!! i do admit sometimes i lost my patient too but then again later after that i do regret on my own stupid action... im a mother 4 daughter and now im facing another stage of their teenagers life... it is stressful but they are my deepest love that i would really wanted to spend till my last breath.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

kesian Natrah...musim sekarang ni memang musim demam panas...Fida sendiri pun baru baik dari demam panas...sebelum tu husband dulu..bukan apa..takut kalau panas terlebih boleh dtg penyakit lain pulak,..hope natrah segera sembuh...kalau boleh jelum dgn air asam jawa sekerap yang boleh yer Kak Mar

Ashchronicles said...

awww.. kak Maria, taking care of a sick person (big or small) is the hardest thing ever. Memang salute to all the doctors, nurses and most of all...PARENTS out there! Xde korang, semua orang kecik2 lagi dah wave goodbye to adulthood sebab xsempat sampai...kalah to diseases.

Alhamdulillah everyone's better now. Take care! :D

eima said...

kesiannya die ...dalam sakit pun sgt comey .. get well soon si comey

mijachan said...

hahahhaha! ingatkan mummy nadrah nak dpt second one! heheheheh

saye niza said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
saye niza said...

siannye die...takpe, sakit nak besar ye..nak tambah akai hihi

Adila Nordin said...

I have a sister which have the same feeling as yours when her son refusing her and she was really touched and stressed out.At first I feel like heartbreaking gila jd mak ,to face little uncomfortable thingy somehow but actually to be a mother is really a wonderful gift. jadi perempuan ni kuat sebenarnya.Keep stronger Kak Maria. Hmph.

Siti Hajar said...

Health is a blessing that we often forget. Thanx for reminding us as well :)

Anasyg said...

skali dia sebut Maria Shim. Ha kau.