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Monday, March 9, 2015

La Kayena in MODVIER!!


Alhamdulillah =')

last year, i approached kak sara and asked her how to be part of the Modvier family. back then, Modvier was full. they only open for weekend slots, and i thought, ok la tu. nak try la.
and then, i forgot about it. 

months later, i received an email from kak sara and she invited me to be a vendor in Modvier's new place!

at first i was hesitant.
should i? i was so used to handling things by myself, from production right up to administration, that i wasn't sure if i should be a vendor at any boutique. 
takut dengan online lagi, jadi double work pulak.
i didn't know why i was so worried. haha!
no reason pun actually. i was just nervous, that's all.
i prayed and prayed and alhamdulillah, i agreed and signed the contract.
this was waaayyyy before i joined Maleeqa in Kuantan.

tu la. Allah Maha Mengetahui. Dia punya Plan lagi best!

nadrah became very curious and started catching up to everything i do and say.
she imitates my actions and even try to imitate the things i say.
what was first a jibber jabber, now she can actually say the word.
we can even converse with her!
and i know she's trying to help me clean up the house.. but she still doesn't get it. 
"nadrah, you're supposed to throw the tissue after you 'lap'. not 'lap' your face after you 'lap' the floor, table, door, toys, etc!" -__-"
mashaAllah. hehe!

so with that said, i knew i had to share my responsibilities in La Kayena with someone. and Modvier was that.
they can do the shipping part, so all i have to focus on is the production and marketing.
in sha Allah, may this be the answer =)

my dear La Kayena sisters,
only Allah knows how to return your kindness and support for La Kayena.
many times i cried, forced myself to stay up, forced myself to stay strong while taking nadrah all over the place, trying to settle one problem after another and taking care of her, my husband and our home, and then trying to learn from mistakes while i keep making new ones and so much more.
it wasn't an easy ride.
i even had my studies, exams and project paper to complete.

but you all made it all worth it.
i've received emails from some of the customers and there were a few emails that made me cry of gratitude.
i know La Kayena offers not much of fashionable clothings. i'm really not a creative person since i was born. hehe!

but i like to dress up. and i intend to allow women to dress comfortably for practical purposes.
yes, housewives, students, working women, you all!
we are all busy trying to gain knowledge, running all over the place for our children's sake, we're making sure our husband and children can sleep comfortably through the night, we're busy helping others, we're all strong emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Do continue supporting La Kayena ya! =')
FYI, La Kayena is on full support for Shawlsuriy. Shawlsuriy consists of tailors who are Syrian refugees here in Malaysia. So, please know that every purchase from La Kayena and Shawlsuriy, a portion will be given to Syria/Palestine, in sha Allah.

Information on Modvier:
Modvier is now in Bangsar, at PT 392 Jalan Maarof (Right next to PETRON, main road of Jalan Maarof)
Follow Modvier on Instagram (@modvier) and you can order your items via whatsapp by using the number they provide! =D



Unknown said...

All thr best for you! :) :) :)

Ardilla Noorezan said...

Good luck Kak Maria! :)

Ardilla Noorezan said...

Good luck Kak Maria! :)

YatieOwner said...

good luck and all the best to u :)

fellos. jemput join GA iPhone 5S here ya :)

Tiha Azmi said...

All the best Kak! :)

Unknown said...

Salam maria. I'm also one of your fans. Really love ur style. Even though the first time watching u in youtube, u ni memang peliks, but lame2 jatuh chenta weh..Keep it up girl + good luck in whtaever u do.