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Thursday, October 23, 2014

sambung cerita semalam: babyhood


yesterday's post sebenarnya tak siap sepenuhnya.
got too sleepy, tapi lawan mata punya pasal, cite pun brief je.

the reason why i made that video, was because i wanted to show people that having a baby isn't as easy as it looks.

and why do i care anyway kan?
sebab, i've read several comments, not just on my instagram, but on others as well, like the famous Opi and her mom Atita Haris, or Medina and her mom Irine Nadia, or the cute Hana and her mom Yana from Cala Qisya, and many more - that people just wanna have babies. coz they're cute.

i cannot deny that babies are cute.
they are!
they're tiny lil' human with tiny everything!!
how adorable is that!?!?

one ngap and gone is the hand.
coz the hand is so tiny!


but reality is, babies are hard work!
they require loads of attention and energy. i hardly had more than 2hours of sleep in the first few months.
and "Me Time"? what, what is that??

pampering myself isn't in my to-do list anymore since i had Nadrah.
not that i'm blaming her. it's my choice. and i choose to pamper myself differently than before. like taking a long nap, and leave nadrah with her grandma or great-grandma. TEEHEEE! =p

so anyway, back to babies-

having a child is a HUGE responsibility.
we're moulding them every second (coz apparently babies like to sponge things they see, hear and stuff. ummi dah pressure!!) and if we want them to be successful in this life and the Hereafter, then it's a lot of monitoring to do, isn't it?
i'm not saying i'm doing it well.
even i check out my instagram while playing with nadrah.
guilty as charged! booooo!

i just don't want people to think that the whole point of having a baby is just to "share" them to the whole world and that's it.
it's really more than that.

anak itu amanah.

we have to protect them, nurture them, change their diapers, feed them, teach them how to crawl, how to chew, how to do their businesses in the potty, how to walk, teach them how to talk, how to identify things, etc.

ingat baby keluar je dah terus pandai kencing dalam toilet bowl?
ingat baby keluar terus pandai jaga diri and then kita boleh gi tengok wayang?

you know, now i came into a conclusion:
your parents are good parents, because you are potty trained. let's thank them for that! and be grateful that you can do your businesses in a toilet, not in diapers.


so, moral of the story is, sabar.

you'll have your time. but make sure when your time has come, be prepared.

my advise is have your family close to you as possible.
they're the best help ever.
if you don't have that option, then perhaps have a really good friend or hire a maid whom you can trust your baby with.

because sometimes, you need to poo on your own.

here's the video in case.
of what?
i dunno. saje.

ps: i think topic baby kat my blog ni dah macam banyak ek.
perhaps you can suggest what topic i should blog about next. since i'm 24-7 with nadrah, that's why i'm more inclined towards sharing about her. tapi kalau selalu bosan gak kan. heheee..


Unknown said...

yes.. correct... just imagine how our lovely moms had raised us up... very great job and most challenging moments...

Bashtiah said...

Whoa.. thanks for sharing! Yes I do agree sometimes me myself got tempted into i-want-to-have-a-baby-fasssst! mode each time after looking at those babies. Especially Opi and Medina... Really tempted. But yes. People should be more aware that they just dont suddenly be like that. I dont have a baby yet, but it was really an eye opener when you see a mother struggling with her baby at a shopping complex. Dah takde cuteness dah kat situ...

Ainina Fauzan. said...

kak maria, thanks for sharing this, i just had my baby 2 months ago and it really is hard work! and i do agree 100% that baby is not for show! it is more than just dressing them up in cute outfits!

Intan Syafiqah said...

u're way prettier nowadays!! hehehe

Unknown said...

oh ya!! having baby is a lot of work! dan yang pasti nya saya tak penah menyesal!! post la banyak mana pasal baby i'm sure people never feel bored! right??hee

D said...

ada sebahagian isteri2 waiting to have another view of sabar in raising kids..while still sabar to have one..
may Allah bless u and little Nadrah. she such a cutie indeed~