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Monday, October 13, 2014


assalamualaikum wbt peliks!

as always, i have been meaning to blog, but when i have the time, i prefer sleeping or surfing. wahaha!
bad blogger, bad! *slaps on fingers*

of all things that has been happening around me, the ones i wanted to share most are those of my husband and nadrah's quirks.

like yesterday,
nadrah has been into biting these days. it's so dangerous to leave our arms and legs unattended (if that's possible. wahahaa!).
she comes to us, gesel gesel, and suddenly..

and she has tiny teeth and jaw, which hurts even more coz  it grabs and pulls the tender parts of our arms and legs!

so yesterday she bit me at the underside of my upper arm, and it really was painful, so i screamed (not loudly la, just loud enough for her to recognise that it's a scream) and then i feigned cry.

she looked at me with her mouth ajar, then turned to her dad, and then SHE started screaming and crying!

i didn't wanna give up. i kept on fake-crying and following her, while my husband carries her around the house trying to soothe her.
macam annoying kan?
but it was so funny! coz she kept looking at me while crying eventhough husbeng was trying to keep me out of her sight!

i guess i was hoping for her to pujuk me. but she's just a baby. what pujuk?? hahaha!
so i stopped fake-crying after a while, and i pujuk her.
at first she didn't want to come to me.
merajuk la kannnn.
then, she changed her mind, and came to me anyways.
so cute!

babies. (a continuation from last blogpost, where i mentioned about babies blablabla love blabla unconditionally bla)

...i feel so bad for being so emotional with nadrah.
there are times when she drives me mad.
like when i want to cook, she'll follow me to the kitchen. and when i ignore her, she'll cry like crazy and go into sujud position, hands-in-the-air (which meant she wants me to carry her), and more. sometimes i can ignore it very well. sometimes, it stresses me out.

ni baru satu.

i told my mom about it, and she says it's ok. moms are human too.
and moms, even when they're mad at their kids, when they're tired from work or whatever, when they're doing work, whenever their kid needs help, moms will drop everything and go.

so, i concluded that, our kids, when they're babies, they put up with us, through good and bad times. they're teaching us to love unconditionally.
and as they grow, we will love them unconditionally and put up with them, through good and bad times.
they may grow to stop loving us unconditionally, maybe when they've hit puberty, met cool new friends, when they leave for college, etc, but in sha Allah, they'll be reminded, and then starts loving us unconditionally.


should i add some more?
bahahaha =p

from my own personal experience, the time i became a mom, was the time i realised how much i've taken my mom for granted.
it wasn't easy giving birth, what more to give birth several times (why do you do it when it hurt so badd???!! hahaha!)
and then raise, nurture, protect, teach, and provide.

moms are awesome.
and i hope nadrah will remember me being an awesome mom. hehe!
ingat ye nadrah!
ummi love you long timeeee!


kimchaa said...

Nadrah, nanti besar baca blog ummi =B hargai ummi awak :)

mummy said...

Muahh nadrah, :)

Eray Majid said...

makin besar, makin panjang akal..whatever it is, they always be our babies

dokterFaryn said...

Babies are soooo cute! And they tend to do cute things. Hehehe.

Umie Nadhirah said...

hai hello nadrah...

Amy A. said...

i ade kezen ni yg kuat gigit juga..xbole tinggal unattended, tiba2 nnt akan dgr org teriak sbb kne gigit..lg2 my adik sorg yg kurus kering ni, slalu jd mangsa gigit, dia gigit style melekat kt situ (macam dlm cite katun anjing melekat kat kaki tu) smpi ade org dtg selamatkan skrg da besar, jd ank dara ayu2 lg teww..;D

Unknown said...

I know what u mean, memang stress jadi mak ni. Bila kita nak makan dia nak gi toilet, dah ambil air sembahyang dia nak gi toilet, kita nak berblogging dia mula nak kacau. Arghh! But we still love them unconditionally. Just enjoy the moment.

NadiaR said...

sis maria, kalau nak buat kerja rumah sambil dukung nadrah, u should try baby wearing. u use baby proper baby carrier. u can join group malaysian baby wearers & u can find loads of info kat situ. jgn tanjat lak tgk bahasa2 pelik kat situ, ada files boleh rujuk. senang buat kerja 2 in 1. boleh like fb jom gendong jugak. take care dude!

Najwa Sofwani said...

comel jer nadrah;)
tq kak yana for da sharing
yess indeed so true, kasih ibu bapa itu tidak bersyarat


Comel je kalian :) doa seorang ibu itu adalah yg terbaik! Doakan yg baik2 utk anak2 dan keluarga :) moga2 dimakbulkan Allah :) said...

so cute both of u ;)

Bashtiah said...

Aww... Yes, unconditional love.. I always try to remind myself about that; my mum put up with me a lot before, so why can't i? By the way thanks for sharing. I know, sometimes it's hard to sit down and blog when you have sooo many things in reality.

Bashtiah said...

:) I also think of the same thing. Ia jadi macam catatan yang kekal. Boleh baca buat kenangan :')

Unknown said...

unforgetten memories kan? anak.. rasa kejap sgt diorg membesar

Anonymous said...

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Rajinder said...

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