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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ola Bola!

Assalamualaikum sayangs!

i have 2 things i look forward to this month.

Ramadhan (Ramadhan kareem everyone!) and FIFA World Cup.

yup, world cup pun i layan.
bukan tengok pun actually, but since i'm staying with my family, and the boys just love watching football matches of "their" teams, i pun terikut jugak. terikut fefeeling la.
ngeeee =B

have you ever seen fanatic fans with their faces painted to their favourite team's colour?

macam ni?

ha ni la baru boleh mengaku fanatic-fan-like-crazy kan! =p

i'm not that much of a football fan, so i won't paint my face.
but i don't mind painting my face virtually =B

check out Olabola and get your face painted! 
just choose "your team" and support them by getting your face painted, set it as your profile picture and cover photo, and be part of the largest face-painting drive in Malaysia!

ingat itu je ke korang dapat?
tut tut tut.
ada lagii!!

you can win prizes with the Fantasy Football Olabola edition where you pick your players and manage your team! click HERE to understand and participate k!
1st prize is RM 5000, PS4 and FIFA 14 GAME!! tak ke banyak tuuuu!
2nd prize is RM 3000, PS4 and FIFA 14 Game, and 3rd prize is RM 1000, PS4 and FIFA 14 Game.

Besar besar prize diorang!

lagi satu korang boleh join is the Bring Home a Foosball Table in the Olabola Football Predictor App. you can show off your prediction skills (kata terror kan) real time during the world cup.  

ok, back to the face painting thing =p

i dah try dahhhh~ nak tengok?

jeng jeng!!


baby Nadrah is a Brazil fan!!
what about you?

Whose side will you take?


uncle gedek said...

uncle kaki bangku... tak minat bola...


Cekgu Norazimah said...

CN sokong german ! Go go german ;)

NSaadahL said...


Haq Alang said...

Haha Nadrah, siap cver aurah lagi..
Mak dia pun kah3 gelak ek..
Template saya pun tukar warna brazil
tapi saya nak tengok underdog mara, hehe.. ;)

nhhas said...

comelnyer nadrah.... tp agak r tak patut wajahnya "di kalerkn" begitu... tanpa ty "nadrah baby - u sokong sapa nak?"

i sokong germany n italy.... hehe...
tp akceli i langsung tak minat bola...
i sokong germany n italy sebab i suka jersey diaorang,... hehehehe...

pun boleh lh yer...

R.R.Z said...


auwww nadrah super comel

Ein said...

go go RVP

farahiyah said...

hai dan salam perkenalan. ni kali pertama sy dtg blog mars, melalui cpuv nuffnang.

saya pun sokong german. england n italy dah bye2

remi said...

Bola3... heee

Unknown said...

brazil jugak ... ;)

Linda Ishak said...

German forever... yehaaaaa!!!

JAZMI said...

xlayan sangat bola.... sokong yang menang jerr.. tapi rasa macam brazil jerr... hehehe~

Montana said...

Uncle Gedek...tapi gaya uncle memang seperti player2 apa...ka uncle xmau cerita kat kami ni uncle cekap main bola???hehhehe

Unitedmy said...

Netherlands !!!!

Teacher Basariah said...

comel betullah dia..painting tu senang kuar tak?kesianla si comel menjadi mangsa..hehe(^_^)

Blogger said...

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