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Thursday, April 10, 2014

makeup vadever


ok i just have to share this:


i think this was InTrend somewhere in 2010? 2011?
serious tak ingat.

ish, berdarah hidung tengok gambo sendiri..

meh. kite be honest la ye.

i like makeup. i am a girl after all. normal la kan?
i'm always amazed how girls can look so pretty in makeup.
like the smokey effect, or the summer/spring whatever eyeshadow party, yes. i loike okay?

i watch michelle phan's makeup tutorial, like all of you have. AH! toksah nak "eh mana ada, i memang naturally pandai bermakeup" with me! TOKSAH!
you watch michelle phan. 
i know. 
i saw you.


as much as i like makeup, sehonest honest honestnya.. i never actually felt pretty with makeup.. makeup tebal i mean. full on with eyebrow shaping, bronzing, eyelash extensions, blabladibla.
i can do with eyeliner, blusher, lipstick, and powder. 
and foundation occasionally.

more than that, i rasa macam i'm Joker. no joke. i think almost everytime after i get my makeup done, i will make an ugly face.
tengok mirror, and then buat muka horror, muka buruk. i really don't get why i do it... but i do it anyway.

"mommy, do i look pweeeetttyyyyy?"


biarlah orang kata "you look nice/good/pretty/vadever", i don't buy it. i just do what i have to do with the makeup on, and when it's over, BAM! wipe it off! BEGONE! 

in a way, bagus la kan sebab low maintenance. i don't have to go and buy makeup set since mine doesn't really finish that fast. i've been using the same blusher since i graduated, in 2010! 

yeah yeah. i pernah buat tutorial makeup la, review makeup la.
tapi... in the end, tak dapek nak lekat.
wuuuuhuhuuuuuuuuu *nanes*

in the end, i would always use my old makeup set. 

"they're still good, so why waste them?
oh these other makeup sets? well, i'll use them next time." ALL THE TIME. this dialog has been running for years. YEARSSSS!!

so that's why, i've decided to give away my makeup sets, the ones i hardly use, to others!
buat makeup giveaway kat @lakayena was the best thing to do, rather than just bagi kat orang yang bukannya nak sangat pun kan.
that way, i'll be happy coz i won't feel guilty for not using them, and i can make others happy!
sounds like a good deal kannnnnnn!

i genius.

merci =p

ok la.

so itu je nak cerita.
i like sephora. and notebooks. oh, and pens. 

end of story.

****ok, moral of the story:

if you have good goods that you don't use anymore or haven't even used, for instance, your clothes, shoes, bags, scarves, makeup, instead of hoarding them, give them away. perhaps make your own giveaway contest among your friends or exchange them with your friends/family. can even donate them to the orphanage! (provided the things you want to let go are appropriate. takkan nak bagi baju macam nak clubbing kat diorang, kan..) 
so many ways we can let go of our things, it's just whether you want to do it or not.
i suggest that you do it! =D
it's fun anyway! 

i hope this somewhat gives you an idea on stuff you have to let go & how.

ok bebs, 


CD said...

kak maria, you're better in natural looks.. :)

Nur Aliyah Syofia said...

natural beauty lg cantik :)

Mirza Rohizat said...

miza pun sama gak!
suka gila makeup tapi kalau makeup tebal rasa burok gila..hahaaa!
walaupun kadang2 tu cuba jugak sesorang..ngee
yah!that giveaway!want ur makeup!hahaa..LOL :p

DYatie ABakar said...

I feel u maria. Haha.
I make up betul2 make up on my wedding day je which was compulsary dlm adat. Huhu. And sebelum n selepas, I just sapu2 tepek2 je. Itupun bila nak attended an interview atau any course yg melibatkan kerajaan. Lepas tu tak tahu mana pergi semuanya. I pergi office pun tak tepek apa. Lipstick pun tak. Sensitive. Pfft. Eh panjang pulak komen. =P

Diyana said...

Same goes to me! Sometimes I feel I'm too old for make-up... It's only suit for young lady yang masih mencari calon kot.. Dah ada family, anak kecik, tak sempat dh nak duduk depan cermin lama2 belek muka dgn make-up!

Mek Onie said...

honestly,suka tgk kak maghia without makeup...

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

i tot that only me doing those monster face soon after seing my face with full make up..hahha..anyway, simple make up is enough to show real beauty..

syamimihaziqah said...

Sama la kak Maghiaaa. Saya suka jugak mekap tapi tak pandai pun mekap. Setakat tepek foundation sikit, buh bedak sikit, calit eye liner gitu boleh la. Maskara pun tak reti gunaaa! Hahaha


saladinclothing said...

Hmm... makeup. lelaki pun makeup juga.

Unknown said...

Kak maghia...
Dah cantik sgt dah selalu selalu tgk..
Natural beauty..
Paling cantik time nikah and mengandungkan baby nadrah..seri baby mungkin :)
And seri tu xhabis habis smpai is jealous

Maria Elena Zarul said...

ya Allah korang.. thanks la bagi naik self-esteem diriku ini!! =')
alhamdulillah, semua pujian bagi Allah sebab bagi kita muka tak perlu makeup. alhamdulillah!

heheee =D
korang pun semua cantik belaka. percayalah!

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

salam. kak maria. do uve any suggestion on voluntary works..

mcm yg kak maria pnah update tntg beli klgkapan utk ank yatim tu. cmne nk involve ye

Unknown said...

kak maghia tembam nyer !!

Akak memang cantik, natural gituh. love u so much !!

littleredridinghood said...

By the way, for makeup tutorials, I prefer lisa Eldridge to Michelle phan

Unknown said...

Assalam... Sis, you have natural beauty lah...

Unknown said...

gorgeous giler pic yg mekap tu ;-)
kim salam hugs and kiss kt nadrah :P

NooRjAn said...

prefer your natural looks...sgt gorgeous...n u have ur own style!!

Unknown said...

kak maghiaaa.. u better without makeup..just the way u are.. :D

Diana Abdul Molok said...

You looked so different with too make up on :) pretty, both ways but you naturally are already beautiful :)

Tunsha Ayunie said...

kak maria , make-up or not wearing the make-up... still gorgeous !

Tinta Lana said...


Maria, i also berdarah hidung when saw ur picture in the intrend magazine,hahaha

For me..less is more :) that includes makeup, when its too 'heavy', then ur looks seem so differently..

Mario said...

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