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Friday, April 5, 2013

just a thought, if it helps =)

assalamualaikum wonderbears!

wonder because we alls likes to wonders innit.
bears coz we alls likes bears innit.

i tells yewhhh!

ok mars, dah.


so this is a bit awkward. posted a video few days ago and completely forgotten about it.
now that i remember it, kena la explain sedikit sejarah pembikinan video ini.


seorang wanita berumur 25 tahun, mempunyai bakat dalam menyejukkan hati teddy bear. ok dah stop!


so benda ni is something that i've been thinking about for the longest time. it's about us taking pride on being a muslim.
not that it's wrong, but we could always do it in a better manner.

Surah Al-Ma'idah, ayat 3:

This day, i have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.

straightforward, and understandable.

Allah chose Islam as our religion.
you and i, whether we're born into the religion or brought into it, Allah chosen for us this path.

patutkah kita kata "aku bangga doh aku muslim."?

patutkah kita kata "aku beragama islam sebab aku nak."?

Allah berikan kita hidayah, nikmat, rezeki, ilmu, keupayaan, kekuatan, semuanya! Dia beri apa yang kita perlukan, pada masa yang Dia tahu adalah the best time, and the best amount of it!
kita je as humans with brains that can think and consider, contemplate, wonder, think and analyse, we're the ones who will in the end make the choice whether to accept His Gifts, or ignore it.

it's like how my mom hints me about stuff.
masa nak prepare for the wedding, she'll give me options.
option A and option B, let's say. and she will jeling jeling at the option she thinks best, eventhough it is up to me to choose.
and because i trust her, i just ikut je la mana dia jeling tu =p

makes her happy, and of course made us all happy in the end =)

it's like that with life.
we're given choices because maybe, just maybe, that's how Allah wants to see how taat we are to Him.

back to being proud of being a muslim.

i've read so much stuff about how pride will turn into ego. and ego turns to riya', as we must remember, makes all of our efforts of gaining pahala hilang.
pride -> ego -> riya'

The Prophet  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) said: "He who has in his heart the weight of an atom of pride shall not enter Paradise." 

oh sedihnya!!
nauzubillah min zalik.

so that's why i suggested to just make a change at the words we choose to describe ourselves, not just religiously.
even if it's a good thing, we always have a choice of something better.
does that make sense? hehee..

in sha Allah Taala.

Allah knows our intention, Allah knows we meant well. but with abundance of knowledge just waiting for us to grab it, it would be ignorant if we said "oh i've heard of that, tapi tak nak buat pape about it sebab takde orang kata i should."
or something like that =p

syukur is the best feeling anyway right! so lebihkan perasaan syukur! 

alhamdulillah i am a muslim. =')

and because i love you all so much, and i want us all to be in Paradise (amiin!), that's why i wanna share about this!

let's be neighbours in Syurga Firdaus =D


ok so here's the video!

and i'm awkward liddat.
sorry video tak seberapa tapi just amik apa yang patut =)

kalau ada kesalahan, that's all due to my own kekhilafan, kalau ada yang baik dan betul, alhamdulillah syukur, itu semua dari Allah Taala.


ps: awat ni ramai dok salah paham niiii.
simple je. 
just be thankful. 
as a muslim ke, as a girl ke, for getting straight A's in SPM ke, for having the fanciest car in the world ke, for having PS3 ke, for having Coco Chanel as your best friend ke, whatever in the world!
if we can be thankful so something as simple as religion, then it'll be easier for us to be thankful for other things.

itu je my suggestion.



Okida said...


Langit Tinggi said...

i'm not bear ;-) hehehe

Unknown said...

hihi..kak Maria,I did smile when I play your video..dengan bedak sejuknya..haha


zai share kat page eh...

Unknown said...

Waalaikummussalam..alhamdulillah. Bangga sbg umat Islam? Bangga yg tidak mendatangkan riak bagi kakpb.

Maria Elena Zarul said...

akak tergolong dalam golongan yang memahami =)

ada yang salah faham maksud membanggakan agama.
ada yang beranggap utk menunjukkan ketaqwaan atau level keimanan ialah by being proud.


papepun, kalau kita boleh be proud being a muslim, entah hape lagi kita boleh be proud of kan.

ni just a way to rephrase our sentences in any matter.

relate it all back to Allah.

tu jeeeeee =D

Asmi Asmidar said...

couldn't agree more . let's be thankful .
and you're so kewl liddat .

Unknown said...

let's be neighbours in Syurga Firdaus =D
Amiin Amiin Amiiinnn

Iryna said...

People nowadays want to belong to a certain group and feel the power of it, or i'm sure many muslims feel like they have to defend themselves and so they choose to say they are proud of it, despite all the bad publicity i guess. Being thankful for being a muslim is something you have to think about out and realize for yourself, it is not something you just say without realising it.

I like your thought here and i think we all should think more about what it means being a muslim, instead of just being proud to be one.

mujagirl92 said...

already watched it just few hours ago kak mars,, i miss you behave madly like before kak mars so i also watched the old videos,,, tapi, you change for the better i guess,, it is okay :)

rahmah_razali said...

such nice post..:)
saya nak minta tlg ngan kak maria bole?..
ada sorang kenalan sy sekarang menuntut di universiti di Gaza. beliau merupakan pelajar Malaysia yang pertama menyambung pelajaran di Gaza..sekarang beliau menjalankan project From Gaza With Love..
saya mohon jasa baik kak maria untuk promote page fb dia dan page youtube bagi memberi sokongan kepada usaha beliau..terima kasih banyak2..

spread your love..:)

Ekin said...

my Ustaz said that it's real different between being just a Muslim and being a MUKMIN. anyone can be called Muslim when they're born in Muslim family but then NOT ALL live as real MUKMIN....will share it one day when Ustaz tell us more about being real Mukmin. Alhamdulillah...I'm thankful to be born a Muslim... ^_^ *senyum sampai dahi*

aisya adam said...

i just think tht proud yg dimaksudkan = tidak malu, cthnye org luar kate islam terrorism la apela, but instead of kalah, we say that we're proud of our religion.that's all mybe, but ape yg kakmaria ckp tu ade jgk betulnye. peaceeeeee

Anonymous said...

I smiled when you said "come on" ahah , you're funny ! :D

Unknown said...

nice video kak maghia! sama2 kita muhasabah diri n be a better shaa Allah...Keep vlog n berblog kak maghia! May Allah bless u..luv ya!

NinaAz said...

hai maria. ngeeee~

Unknown said...

Nice blog...
Kunjungi blog saya ya


Love the way you talk and discuss about islamic value. Keep it up.

Allah bless you with good health and wealth


Unknown said...

assalamualaikum kak, saya ada buat review pasal post ni.sudi2lah baca untuk saling bertukar ilmu :)

sharonj said...

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Unknown said...

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Siti Zulaikha said...

mmg boleh kasi senyum intro tu, dari stress xrasa nk senyum tiba2 gelak tros haha..
amin insyaAllah =)

Faiz Fadly said...

Melis Malik said...

Assalamualaikum Maria..

Firstly, let me introduce of ur blog readers..Actually,i dunno whr to start..i asik cari mcm mn nak email u..xde email add..sokay i juz email thru ur blog..hurmm,let see..
i started reads ur blog and watched ur vlog around last 1st i thinked tht u kinda annoying..maybe sbb u slalu making faces..haha(sorry bout that..) but i still wanna knw bout u(funny kn) and after a few months..i think u r amazing person (really)..i liked the way u speak,expression,idea n u r so knowledgable (solute^^ ) and i really enjoyed that..i juz wanna say that,keep blogging,keep healthy and wish u thousand of happiness and great life ahead..amiinn..=)

p/s-sorry bout my english(still learning)

salam ukhwah..

Nur Aneesa said...

Assalamualaikum kak. If you mind, can you share something about your admission to UTP.

Unknown said...

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