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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comment ta le vous?

assalamualaikum =)

i really really wanna learn languages, since school lagi.

sebab i really really like traveling and i've dreamt of traveling to countries where everything is foreign to me; culture, language, weather, religion, and more.

a hill in Malaysia, is different than a hill in Scotland.
the smell of a rose in Malaysia smells different than the smell of a rose in Phillipines.
the air in Malaysia feels different than the air in Egypt.

i want to feel it all.
i want to see it all.
i want to experience it all.

and to maximise the whole experience, kena la at least familiar with the language. senang sikit nak communicate!

however, my brain is not as capable as i want it to be.
i've learnt mandarin before, but lack of practise and when it got harder, i just stopped trying.
i learnt a bit of japanese from watching anime so obsessively when i was a teenager, but only a few words sticks in my memory. and most of the things i catch comes with their actions.
like "anata bakaa!!!" is said with fist by the sides, shoulders up and eyes closed but still cute.
i don't think i can survive through Japan if i speak anime. haha!!

i studied french when i was in uni for 2 semesters and now?
all i can remember are basic stuff like
"comment ta le vous?"
"je m'apelle maria"
"je ne sais pas"

and when i went to Paris 3 years ago with my besties, i remembered the first sentences i would say is:
"bon jour/soir, je ne sais pas Francais, je parle anglais"
means "good morning/evening, i don't know french, i speak english"
oh and if i want to ask for the toilet,
"excusez mois, toilette s'il vous plait"
means "excuse me, toilet please".
benda simple camtu je boleh! heheee =p

but alhamdulillah, the french were really cool about it.

so i have so many places i wish to cover, so many countries to experience, but i fear the language barrier i might face.
i wasn't so welcomed when i was in Rome Barca, having absolutely no knowledge of Spanish! except for "mi amor" and "gracias" and "por favour". i remember i pernah nak mintak directions from a local, i only said "por favor, where is bus.." pastu orang tu just walked away.

i guessed that they weren't impressed enough. at least masa kat Paris, muqadimmah i agak panjang. hahaha!

truthfully, i have a japanese and french dictionary at home. japanese tu was from my arwah tok, and the french were my parents'. diorang pun macam i gak.. bercita cita nak cakap language lain.

i'm now trying to learn Arab, tapi i cannot brain the different gender thing for things! same like french! i tak paham why meja pun ada gender.

oh well. language is not my strength, but i sure wish i have a Samsung Galaxy S4. i saw the video review that they have S translator which can translate written and spoken words!
*taken from the video review: the dude used his phone to translate what he needs to the phone and the pakcik tu tengah listening to the translation*

super cool thing to have if i wanna be a globe trekker.
bila dah keluar kat Malaysia, that's the first thing i wanna check out!

cepat keluar please.


Lisa Sheila said...

lisa juga sangat berminat nak belajar language lain .... masa kat uni dulu pun ambil bahasa jepun for 3rd language...but sekarang? aiii... beberapa patah perktaan je yg ingat... :)

neway, that samsung galaxy S4 sangat lah cool :)

Anonymous said...

just sharing this Maria..
orang perancis takkan layan kalau kita cakap english sebab mereka sangat benci amerika.
Mereka anggap amerika rosakkan bahasa french.
kalau nak tanya ape2 just cakap je bahasa melayu denga diorang walaupon diorang tak faham diorang layan.

just azura! said...

'anata bakka' bukan ke maksudnya 'you are stupid' haha good one maria. tu pun the only japanese words that i know beside oyasumi, arigato,, quite few words jugak..!haha

good luck in learning languages maria.. arabic is kind of hard really sebab ada muannas and muzakar and all that.. but bahasa arab is worth to learn..lama-lama dapat catch up la tu dont worry.. ;)

nurdani said...

wah..senang la ada translation macam tu.memudahkan komunikasi.hehe

Mia :) said...

blaja arab mmg best sebab kalau baca quran pun kita boleh catch up makna dia tnpa tengok maksud. and feeling masa baca quran pun jadi bertambah awesome. wishing u giant of luck, kak maria! ^^

Jαnnαhツ said...

betul cakap sis salina tu. orang french and german memang anti amerika. if people go there and speak english, they would either glare you or leave you unentertained. ahaha...

sis maria. saya pon suka belajar foreign languages. sama la. time tgok anime jepon mula la smangat nak balajar jepun. time tengok telenovela venezuela mulalah terikut cakap Spanish..i also love chinese cantonis. pengaruh stephen chow kot. ehehee..

by the way, I learned arabic in my univerct but since lack of practice, susah nak cakap arab dengan lancar. if nak paham text atau nak paham dialog orang, boleh la skit2. unlike english yg memang bese guna dalam hidup seharian. lecture pon dalam bi kot. huhu...

all in all, kalau kite nak pandai bahasa asing, kite kene selalu speak that language. but susah la kan. nak cakap sorang2 bolehla... tapi takut kene cop gilo ke susah plok kang...

p/s: belajar banyak bahasa boleh menajamkan otak kita. peace!

Jαnnαhツ said...

eh lupa nak add. samsung S4 memang super smart lahhh! i pakai predecessor dia je, da rasa canggih padahal s4 lagi kebabomzzzahhh!!

Kitty said...

Oh I love languages! I took Japanese lessons for three years but I had to quit because I was so swamped with univ work :(
In uni I took Spanish class for 2 semesters and had to quit because of the same reason. So I no longer remember what I learnt from those classes, which is very unfortunate. So I'm stuck with English and Malay je lah hahaha

I did try picking up a bit of French here and there especially when I went to Paris for a short trip :p

Kitty said...

By the way, hahaha why did you try using Spanish in Rome? They mainly speak Italian over there. It's an Italian city after all. :)

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

banyak-2 bahasa , bahasa arab paling best since primary school dh belajar arab . tp yang simple such . naik secondary scholl pun amek arab sebab sekolah agama memang wajib amik until form five :) 8 tahun belajar bahasa arab komunikasi , 2 tahun bahasa arab tinggi . indah sangat bahasa arab .

and tell what , bahasa arab buat kita lebih faham isi quran esp time solat :) keep it up kak maria !


dari dulu teringin nak blajar bahasa lain , tapi selalu tak lepas . hehe

# hai smua . blogwalking here ! sesiapa yg sudi , jemputlah singgah ke blog sy , siapa yg sudi , jgn lupa follow , yee ^_^ XOXO

lourvetravel said...

Tu parler francais, c'est bon. Je parler peu francais aussi. I live in Paris & it's a requirement to know how to speak French in order for me to survive. But I have to admit the language is very hard and yes especially the gender part, but it is interesting and a very sexy language I believe we can if we want.

Anonymous said...

i learnt arabic since small until i was 17. still i am not so good in it,, hehehe

DYatie ABakar said...

Seriously.. Saya harap sangat saya akan berupaya belajar bahasa Arab nanti.. but the barrier is - susah nya nak jumpa kelas bahasa arab. :')

Kak Shila said...

When in Rome, speak Italian, not Spanish. :D Assalamualaikum

Gambit said...

Aren't you supposed to speak Italian in Rome?

balqisfz said...

oh kak maria. perkara yg balqis harapkan dia juga boleh lakukan. french sdp didgr msa speakinglah. hee

mrhanafi said...

bab belajar bahasa asing ini agak liat sedikit..

Unknown said...

Well, about learning other language yeah its pretty hard but when it comes to Arabic you'll find its cool to learn it. First, when you read Quran, there are few words that you can translate automatically because you have the basic so macam lagi faham lah kan. I do learn some Japanese languages but yeah, its pretty hard. Just imagine nak kena hafal katagana, hiragana, whatever gana gana. Hahahahahaha!

Anyway, can't wait for S4. Tapi, duit takdak. Haiyooo!

Mohon doa so that I can tie a string to any scholarship. In shaa Allah. Hidup engineer wanita untuk negara! Ahaks.

nuuurul said...

Deutsch(German) pun guna gender untuk semua benda. Pening kepala. But fun! :)

Unknown said...

I start learning arabic when a get a place in Jordan. at first, it was really sucke. But after 2 years, I can get ahead with everything, even reading a book or listening.

dayot said...

best! nak s4 gak =3

Lavender said...

saya dulu belajar bahasa arab utk bahasa ke3 masa kat uni dulu

Nur Shaiidah Syaripuddin said...

Bonjour Madame Maria.. :) Je parle un peu de francais.

Best belajar French. Skg ni ambik sbg Elektif. Nak kumpul duit and tunggu habis belajar dulu baru nak travel ke sana.

mira@mia@yong@kakya said...

teringat zmn msuk kelas french ngn kak maria kt utp :) tp jeling2 jee.xpnh bertegur.hihi but i love ur accent when u speak french

Unknown said...

as salamu aleikum wa rahmatu allah !!!!!!! mariaaaaaaa
al hamdulillah je vais bien (comment allez-vous?)
I also wanna be a polyglot ,
arabic is my mother tongue, when my family and I moved to france I learned french... Now I can speak both arabic and french fluently :)
if you need some peux t'aider (I can help you) insh'allah :) :) :) bisous

LaLa mhdnor said...

best kan kak dapat cakap bahasa lain, tapi bab2 nak mengingat tu yg susah sikit :P

Siti said...


Siti said...

Salam kak mars.

Ingatkan di Rome, they olls berbual bahasa Italy? Kenapa Spanish ye? I'm going next month, so kena la brush up these foreign languages.

Maria Elena Zarul said...
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Syamimi Rafee said...

Salam Kak Maria dtg la Egypt I kan bawa you jalan jalan and I can ckp and faham simple Egyptian Arabic sbb I dah duduk sini 3 tahun. Egypt byk sgt tmpt cantik even saya pun tak habis explore. In fact saya baru je balik from travelling to a beautiful place called Matrouh. Laut kat situ cantik sgt even ada 7 colours of the sea! Also lps tu saya pergi Sahara Desert, subhanallah indah sgt rasa. Seeing an oasis in themiddle of the desert, rasa mcm hebatnya Tuhan kita. In sha Allah saya akan make an entry on my blog about my trip tu sehari dua ni. if you have the time and rasa nak tau more about Egypt you are more than welcome to read my blog (walaupun dah berkurun tak update) hihihi.

May Allah bless and peace be upon you! :)

WH ღ said...

ahaah same here akak. sy pn suka francais. belajar form 1-form 4 :d
now ingat sikit2 je lagi. hehehehe

Unknown said...









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