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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shopping raya! (with less fortunate kids)

every year my family will join in with an organization that helps less fortunate kids to go to educational trips, raya-shopping and more. 

my dad is friends with a volunteer, En. Karim, from this organization (don't remember the name!) and he was the one who exposed us to this yearly activity.

how it works is, my parents donates a certain amount of money to this organization, and they will plan out the activities for these kids and us. 

so last saturday, we went to raya-shopping with the orphans from Jerantut, Pahang!

kesian budak budak ni.. i tell you, my heart shatters when i hear their stories. some of them aren't orphans but they are really poor sampai takde duit nak gi sekolah.
ada sorang tu, her parents are separated, she lives with her mom and she has 9 siblings. her elder siblings don't come home and support her mother, so being the youngest, she was neglected. her mom can't afford to put her in tuition and i think of old age, her mom macam penat nak layan dia. so dia biar je la budak ni nak buat pape, buat laaa.
but this girl baik sangat.
eventhough her mom gave her all the freedom any 12 year old can never have, she was disciplined enough to get herself to school, do her school works and most importantly, stay in school.

kalau kita masa 12 tahun, mak bapak kita tak kisah kita gi skolah naik bas, van, jalan or tumpang orang, kita dah lama escape kot! gi lepak kat 7eleven. baca magazine sambil minum slurpee. or pergi cyber cafe. main CS, Dota, Warcraft or pape kejadah la kan. kan kan kannnnn!?! 

she's now a prefect and she wants to become a doctor. =D
cool kan? respect~
and she was my 'anak buah'!

haa, yang baju hijau is miiiiinnneeeee!! (btw look at Aisyah's shopping bag!) =D

abah tengah bagi goodies.
ni some goodies that were given to them. ada food, kuih raya and bicycles!! 1 for each student. =D

orang-orang yang join this kerja amal. (ada lagi bawah tent)

so bulan Ramadhan ni, alhamdulillah my family and I berjaya buat kerja amal jariah. maybe it seems not much, but hey, at least ada gak effort, and that counts! niat tu penting kan?

oh ya! apart from the raya shopping and the prizes they got, they were brought to Petrosains, Aquaria, and macam-macam lagi la! sahur kat KFC ok!! heheee..

when i was with these kids, i rasa cam bersyukuuuuurrrr sangat sangat for having everything that i have now. i have everything i need!
from worldly things to people surrounding me.

i insaf. i will never say "i takde duit" lagi. coz itu memang tipu. kalau i takde duit pun, parents i ada. duit dalam bank ada. sometimes duit dalam pocket pun ter-ada!
semua orang ada financial issues but often we fail to remember how fortunate we are. 

even anak buah i tak complain pun pasal kekurangan dia. instead, dia cari kelebihan dia. which is through her studies.

we should change our mind set. itu je. =)

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan!


NUR HazieRAH said...

nk join jgak bwt kje2 amal cmniii... sian tgok dorg...

Maria Elena Zarul said...

boleh boleh! sabtu ni ada lagi. nak ke?

Farahiyah Jasmi said...

u look gojes! n i hope those unfortunate children would have a happy raya as well. T_T

Anonymous said...

sadddd..!!! uwaaaa.... harap2 rezeki ena & family bertambah2.. amin...
sabtu ni kat ne plak ..???

Maria Elena Zarul said...

hopefully they'll have a good raya =) thanx for the compliment cik yah! hehe..

a, amiiinnn... hehe!! sabtu ni kat jusco wangsa maju. shopping ngan diorang gak. kalau free, join la!

Anonymous said...

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Nadia said...

wah suwittt je u. i pulak ter tiba-tiba terharu. :')

woody said...

omfg, pg 7eleven n cc main dota warcraft??
who would do such things during school years..


Maria Elena Zarul said...

lee, ummm.. no thanx! hehee..

nadia! long time no hear from u! =D

bon, i wonder too la kan. who would do that? zaman kita, kita baik kot! hahahha!! =p

Anonymous said...

a very blessed ramadhan, indeed. having people like u around, alhamdulillah! :D

eyiensblog said...

next year i nak join jgk la buat mcm ni.just let me kno.dpt bg sikit pun jd lah....kesian tgk bdak2 tuh

Maria Elena Zarul said...

rain betul ke nak? nanti next year i ajak ok? =D

Dot.Afro said...

Hahahahaha yg pakai baju biru with kopiah tuu, my dad kot :D And rumah tu, my cousin pny rumah :D

eightDesigns said...

very thoughtful maria :) saja kaksue tengok blog post maria yg lama2 punya. just feel like knowing you better. thanks dtg rumah kaksu sabtu lepas hehehe