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Saturday, July 17, 2010

you mess with my brother, you mess with my whole family.

Just now, because i was bored, i went out with my youngest brother, Arief.
Arief is larger than me in every way. he's taller, bulat-er, and his face is bigger than mine! i always pick on him, always kutuk him and most of the time, im always annoyed with him.

So when we had dinner just now, he was telling me about how he was bullied in school.

He said there are boys who pick on him and tell him disgusting (and rude) things to him. and only him.

#One of them, he says, looks at him and goes "whatcha looking at?" and hold up his fist and konon nak tumbuk him. Naturally Arief would take a step back in defense and that boy laughs.

#Another one whispers in his ears, asking "how many balls do you have?", and Arief being innocent said he has 3 at home. and the boy laughs and tell his friends about it. and like stupid bangangs, they all laugh at Arief.

#One twerp physically hits him when the teacher and Arief's not looking.

one thing you should know and understand about Arief, is that he has ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder). not many people are aware of this disorder, even lesser people know how to handle people with ADHD.

a child with this disorder have a very short attention span and often they are in their own world, meaning to say, they always zone out. thus, they have a problem concentrating. you MUST understand, they don't choose to not concentrate, they simply can't. it's a disorder.
so with this disease, Arief's mental growth is not the same as ours. he is 13 years old, but his mind works like a 10 year old.
if you've seen him, he doesn't speak Malay, he speaks in English because it's easier for him. he's a smart boy, but it's a struggle for him to fit in.
and people who are ignorant of this disorder obviously would find Arief strange and most likely, annoying.

and I, regretfully, have not been the best sister for him.

I felt like crying when he told me about him being bullied. I also felt vengeful.
I want to bitch-slap, kick, scare, and freaking BULLY the twerps who bullied him so that they know what it feels like when they can't fight back. if they do fight back, memang mintak terajang la!
I want to make those A******S (because they're kids) suffer for all the torture they've done to MY BROTHER.

no one, i repeat, NO "FREAKING" ONE can bully Arief except me or my family!!!

i have a strong urge to go to school with Arief and introduce myself to these twerps and memorising their details so that if EVER i hear Arief being bullied again.... hanya Tuhan saja tahu.
if newspaper ada kuar news about a girl going berserk kat some sekolah in BU, that's not me! hehee..

I hope that you are now at least aware of ADHD kids. if you see people acting weird or just out of the ordinary, just remember to respect them anyway. not everyone's perfect. if you think you're normal, then what makes you think people with disorders aren't? just bersyukur that you were able to go through your life so far.


Afiq Malik said...


Be strong. Saya doakan semuanya akan bertambah baik :)

Maria Elena Zarul said...

Abang Afiq, i pray too, mostly for my brother. how can anyone just let their sibling be bullied, right? and Arief's just form 1! it pains me to remember he has 4 more years of school..

humairah said...

as a sister, i pun geram gile dengar..

Lya said...

maria.. u dont have to bitch slap & bully those kids. just put on your hottest outfit & pick arief up after school. those idiots will be begging to be his bestfrens in no time. haha gigit jarilaaa :P

Maria Elena Zarul said...

omay, geram kan? huhuu.. =|

lya; hmm.. yeah kan! maybe i should! hahahaha! thanx for the suggestion! =p

rainbow said...

oo damn... i baca i geram...damn....

Gheff said...

haha apedaa Maria. now i know that your brother is a very strong person.

Maria Elena Zarul said...

huhu.. jeff, he even surprised me for surviving this whole time! he didnt even complained to my parents. he is a strong boy. =)

woody said...

bitch-slap.. yeah~
record the whole thing..
i'll like it x10000

Azhani.Azizan said...

sekeh je kpale seko2. budak2 zaman skrg mmg uncontrollable n very very rude

Maria Elena Zarul said...

u bet. they're in 'gossip girl' zaman yg mulut lancang mintak kena terajang. haih. nak ikutkan, i would love to sekeh them. haha!

kekunang said...

my elder brother has ADHD..protecting older sibling from being bullied never been easy...i definly understand the situation u faced.. i've been famous among my brother's friends sebab selalu bgadoh ngn diorg...this bully thing will happen until they step into working world i must say..
never fail to protect em whenever we can..
i said the same thing one can bully my brother except me and my family...


Anonymous said...

hey maria!!
my nephew have ADHD too..
he is 5years old but still cant speak..

Siti Fatimah Fuzz said...

i think my brother also have this disorder....but,there's no one told me about that....they told my brother is normal....and he also 'kena buli'...just u are saying, feels like wanna go face to face with that people....btw, i like to read ur entry and also sometimes 'usha' ur vlog....;)

ilan nur said...

Assalamualaikum Maria,
Erghh I just hate those people who simply bullying special kid. Mun pun bakal cikgu khas juga pengkhususan pekak, so masa praktikal I was like annoying dengan student2 aliran perdana yang suka sangat picking on my student. Aduhai. Same goes as other special-ed student, for me they are adorable and honest with their feeling. Bila kena peluk dengan budak-budak kecik yang khas ni, I was like awwwww. Haha. Kirim salam Arief will you.

Izza Rosli said...

paling pantang dgr kes buli. lagi menyampah klau yg dibuli special kids. mcm...hey?xde otak ke nak buli org yg punya kelainan upaya ni?nanti Allah tarik balik nikmat being normal kang tau la. keep supporting him Maria :)

mujagirl92 said...

my family pun ada yang disorder,, and dye ni dibuat mainan jugak,, and i really dont like it :(