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Sunday, April 11, 2010

who says Ipoh is boring?

tut tut tut..
shame on you if you did..

look what my sayang and i did yesterday! and he planned it!


we went to Sunway City, Ipoh.
there's this place called Extreme Park.
the ATV is for rm20 for 5 (quite small) rounds, but hey, best kot!!!
then went to the driving range.
rm10 for a stick, rm10 for 100 balls. murah dowh!
had dinner at Nasi Vanggey (kami fan nasi kandar)
then to JJ.
watched Date Night (hilarious like crazy!!)
& had ice cream cake at Baskin's.

all in all,

u just have to be adventurous enough to try and look for new things to do.
jom rakan?


Hayfa Amira said...

aaaa dat atv looks fun!n ur syg mcm terrer je main golf :P

rainbow said...

wah perak semakin maju dah..hahhaa
then xyah blk kl la..heee

Maria Elena Zarul said...

he's getting better la! hehehee!!
atv was soooo much fun! bawak laju2. =D

yeah, perak mmg best. its just not well promoted, kot. =B

woody said...

camni ar as, gi range xajak..

ask said...

ngeh ngeh.
next time kite g bon.
ade bran?

Maria Elena Zarul said...

we found da place pun by luck. so next time, korang boleh la gi! ajak saya sekali! muehehehee... =B

Nurul Aain said...

i like the second picture !

Maria Elena Zarul said...

hoho! thanx noin!!

Haidah Hassan said...

Haha i saw sis maria at jom heboh ipoh, seriously you're sooo and very very gorgeous .. masa tu hujan rite? ;)

Nasa Rosli said...

IPOH memang best. Memang dah terbukti best nye :)

Anonymous said...

Kak Maria. Ipoh mmg best! Skrg pun btambah best sebab ade the largest mydin in msia and disneyland soon! :)

nabByla said...

saya org ipoh ! kalo akk datang ipoh lagi bagi tahu la. :P

kat sini dah ada mall baru. AEON station 18. :D

wan said...

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