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Monday, August 17, 2020

Ummi The Weeb

How's life?

Mine so far alhamdulillah. Semua ok je.
I haven't been online much lately to socialise but i have been online a lot.....

I started weebing during the good ol' doraemon, sailor moon, dragon ball days.
And then my brothers introduced comics like doraemon, shin chan, GTO, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and i remember going to my friends' house just to read her sailor moon comics and we'd fangirl together over our favourite sailors, and my brother rajin beli kreko so i've read a lot too there like Eye Shield.

I've watched animes on astro (dulu), megatv (if i'm not wrong), and on apa nama channel tu ek... ada satu channel dulu on tv yang shows a lot of animes tapi on weekends je. Forgot la..

Then, when i went to uni... i started downloading animes, korean dramas, movies, music, but i dah banyak slow down on the anime/manga scene.

So fast forward to recent times, i do watch anime now and then if there's any that catches my attention and available on netflix.



Corntine time.. my thirst for something different to watch washed over me. I was over korean dramas, english shows, just over. I wanted something else...
I ordered a lot of books but because of the covid, all of the shippings have been delayed, but i was already just so bored..
Dakada... ANIME became the answer dum dum dummmmmm~

So i watched and watched... and then i watched some more.. and now i've evolved to reading manga/manhwas too. 


The weeb in me has been summoned and i am trying my best to NOT let it take over me 😅
Sounds extreme kan? But in reality, i am trying to tame my obsession because i am really that kind of person can take things into the next level.
And i can't afford to be like that! I have to prioritise my time for my real life commitments and i want to be able to explore other things too. I have to L💥I💥V💥E *my* L💥I💥F💥E💥

But still, i haven't stopped yet because i'm still looking out for recommendations online haha!

Oh! I have a friend la and dia kata dia takut orang taknak kat dia sebab dia macam i sikit, except she's more towards the korean scene, but we both got to know each other because we're kpop fans.
And i told her that she will find HER guy! Because my husband is ok with me being like this 😂 
He's seen me fangirling so hard that i'm embarrassed for myself.
He's quite supportive too for any of my "hobbies". 

So in case you're a young girl, thinking that being a weeb ke, kpop fan ke, cpop fan ke, whatever it is that "society" thinks is "not cool", don't think that way. We like what we like, but of course we keep ourselves in check too kan? Being obsessed is ok until it starts taking you over from what's real, when it becomes a constant distraction from your responsibilities. I hope before it gets to that stage, you and me both can take over our souls back and take control. Haha!!

And don't worry. If a guy thinks less of you because you like all this stuff, there are other guys who are open to it. Don't let small minded people influence you to think small-y too 😉


- saitama, one punch man (very light, funny)
- haikyuu (i don't really know why i like it, but i've watched it all. light and easy, sportsmanship daebak)
- demon slayer (animation cantik, story pun nice)
- attack on titan (serious, could be scary for some)
- mobpsycho
- saiki k (funny and fast)
- sword art online (the first 2 seasons are good. my husband is a gamer and it made me understand his game so much much better after watching this)
- my hero academia (ada story, and i think it's nice & light)

Ok yang i recommend ni semua macam tak adult sangat la. I have other ones yang i like tapi i think these are safe choices haha!! =p (if you know, you know 😜)

K then!
Sorry if i dragged you into weebing again (if i did)!!! Oh and if you want to recommend manga/manhwas too, please do!!!!!!


Syaz Rahim said...

Gambar last tu win sangat hihih

Hafiz Hafizol said...

Black Clover dah tengok? Hahaha..

wani ezryl * said...

it's great that we hv good hobbies! ^^ true, as long as it doesn't distract us from our commitments. somehow it balanced the hectic life and make us all happy; by doing things that we like :D

BudakVanilla said...

yeahhh, fellow weeb!
BV nak recommend few underated anime to watch

natsume yuujinchou - supernatural a lil bit drama

log horizon - tactical and political sao?

for manga, i read so much 'reincarnation' themes manga and manhwa lately!

Unknown said...

Waaaaa i miss youuuuur post!

alfsfr.ali said...

Kat mana baca anime? My all time favourite is Detective Conan. Hahahaha!

sophea ◇ said...

hihi thats so much list for suggestion

Rabia Sensei said...


I love watching anime too! and when someone told me that I'm too old to watch anime or anythings that related to any fan 'thingy' things. I just shrugged off by saying my husband is way older than me (he is 42) and still watching, downloading anime etc. and the good thing is, we watch together sometimes when I'm not busy with kids and work. We watch Naruto (finished already). Now continue with Baruto.

takky said...

Just want to inform yang siri Dragon Ball not finished yet. Now tengah tayang siri Dragon Ball Heroes, after Dragon Ball Super. Kesinambungan dari Dragon Ball Kai, skip the GT part.


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Nia said...

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Farid said...

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