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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Weekend at Legoland!

Hello everyone!

We went to Legoland again this year! (Shall this be something yearly? Hmmmm....)
Anyway, it was great! 😃

Hubs & i intentionally did not tell our kids about Legoland because i know for sure, FOR SURE, that they will be so excited and then will pester us (me mostly) with questions like, "ummi, when are we going?", "can we go to legoland?", "is it today?", "legoland?" and blablabla and i will have to remind Nadrah (because she'll be the one pestering me..) again and again about the plan.

So i want to save myself. And my sanity. Hehehe..

Since we were going to stay for 2 nights, lepas friday prayers we went to pick up the kids and straight away head to Johor Bahru.
It was about 4 hours drive and it was really boring. Hehehe!! 😝

Now onto our Legoland adventure!
Last time we went there, we covered the "sight-seeing" part. So this time we went on rides more and went to see other places we missed out. Isaac is 2 years old already so he pretty much could go on most kiddy rides.
We didn't even bring stroller and it was ok! I was worried at first, but alhamdulillah we survived!

Nadrah meeting an old friend ;')
Bukannya dia tau pun si singa ni haha!

Meet my kids everyone. Takleh duduk diam =p

This hot-faced boy

I think we spent about 2 hours walking around, and then we had to head back to the hotel because it started raining.. 😕
It was good anyway coz the kids dah start cranky.
We rested, ate and played with legos in the room, and the kids were pleasantly occupied! Ummi & Abah yang tertidur hehehehee 😅

Some pieces were missing because one of the kids had a tantrum.
Ehem. Nadrah. Ehem.

After the rain's gone, we went back into Legoland~
The Castle area is the place to be, because there're lots of activities the kids (and grown ups) can enjoy, other than going on rides.
The Brick-or-Treat Night Party, which basically goes on the whole day on Friday & Saturday throughout October.


Isaac & Nadrah's first "rumah hantu" experience nyeheheheee.. 😈
If you're going to Legoland, bawak je masuk! It's just like arts & crafts halloween project kinda thing. Hehe!

Nadrah was amused with this mirror in the Castle of Grim.

High five, makcik witch!

We saw the Monster's Parade, where there were Lego characters & people in scary costumes parading around the Castle area.
Kids were like 😲 
Parents were like 💃

All around the castle area are activities that the kids can enjoy (and win prizes!!).
There's Speed Building Activity and Hut Activity Trail.
They can actually win prizes up to RM 500 worth of stuff!
Nadrah only won candies 😂

This is a nice photo 😍

Nadrah & ummi on the train ride thingy hehehe!

Then, we watched Chima in 4D.
Nadrah loved it a lot because of the effects 👍

Her fave. Entah apa nama pakcik ni, but when we went to this Ninjago place, she was so excited!
Isaac & i got on the ride inside this place, but she didn't coz she was too engrossed with building lego-ninjago-thing.

We got on more rides but towards the evening, it started raining again.
But it's ok coz the kids were tired out and good thing we covered a lot too! Puas!

On our last day, we only had a few hours before we had to check out of the hotel, so apa lagi!

I love how the swimming pool provides safety vests and those lego bricks can float!
The chewren loved it!

Eh, makcik ni.

Makcik ni ada buat video summary la of our short vacay. If you're going to Legoland, i hope you will enjoy it as much (or more) as we did!

Here are more details that i got from their website.

Brick-or-Treat Party Nights (Fridays & Saturdays | From 5.00pm to 8.00pm)
Special admission ticket at RM 88/ SGD29*

Exclusive for Premium Pass Holders
(Fridays & Saturdays | 1st – 30th October)
Bring a friend for FREE

FREE admission for Kids (aged 3 – 11)
(From 1st – 30th October)
FREE entry for kids in full Halloween costumes

For more details, click here k!


Mya said...

nadrah ni comel sangat la. geram tengok

Masmira Masri said...

comelnya anak2 sis..

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Nurul Rahmawati said...

Mau bangeeett ke Legoland!
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Azwani Aziz said...

Ank2 sy pun duk ajak pi Legoland ni.tq sis
Jemput ke teratak saya juga

Eina Md Ali said...

Pernah pergi sekali jer 2 tahun lepas, masa tu anak baru 2. Nanti nak pergi semula bawak anak no.3 plak. :D

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Shai MommyLotte said...

So cool!! Thank you for the pics, easy to decide if it's suitable for my little kiddo ni :D said...

Sekarang weekend crowded kan

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