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Monday, July 30, 2018

Taking Care To The Next Level

Salam & hi peeps!

Ok this is something i saw on the internet and i find it to be so funny 😂

So this guy said there's one reason why your old friend who you haven't met for many years is suddenly so eager to see you:
To sell insurance

I laughed so hard at this!

Ok jokes aside, insurance (or in other words, takaful) is very important!

I have been insured for as long as i can remember.
My dad got insurance for us, his kids. And then when we started working, we take over with the maintenance of the takaful.
Mine had to be completely different when i started working as an engineer sebab i had to go offshore, manufacturing factories, and fabrication yard.
Then i changed again when i transformed into a domestic engineer 😂 and my husband is taking care of it now. Husband also got insurance for our kids.

Actually, i used to be very ignorant about takaful but because i used to live with my grandma since i was a teenager, i saw how very useful having takaful is.
My grandma often go in and out of the hospital and it made me ponder.. I don't want to burden my family with financial problems if anything happens to me and i certainly cannot bear the thought of not being able to provide the best care to my family if anything happens to them.

That's why i believe that every family should be insured. I'm not an insurance agent but i am glad my husband has very good understanding of it.
He said to me, and i quote, safety is very important for his family (awwwww!!), and it is his main priority. And right now, our kids are really our world.

Even in every life, we make sure we do whatever we can in our power to protect our kids.

We just never know what's gonna happen in our future.
As parents, of course we try to make sure that we prepare ourselves and our kids for the worst and pray that Allah will always protect us.

So if and when we need it, inshaAllah with our insurances, we have the financial security.

And that's what this blogpost is for.
To spread awareness and to give you the idea of the importance of takaful.

If you're looking, PruBSN Impian offers you the comprehensive protection plan.
They have this Bundle of Joy for your child(ren), from the time they're in their mommy's tummy sampai la ke 25 years old. 
In this package they have 4 riders: Infant Secure, Vital Care Plus, Health Protector and Takaful Saver Impian.
The kids can choose to continue and take over their insurance when they reach 25 years old.
With this PruBSN Impian Package, kalau medical problems, accidents and all that, inshaAllah the fees will be covered.
But of course you need to make sure of the details of the takaful you're signing up for.

I hope for all parents out there that has yet insured your child(ren), do consider this PruBSN Impian. You can obtain more information from this website (click here).
Like i said, i'm not an agent so i gain no benefit from this, except that it may help you do what's best for you & your family. 

Sayang 💝


Unknown said...

Good sharing. Thank you sis.

Slumber Lady said...

Baru tahu ada Bundle of Joy ni.

We are still in search for takaful untuk anak-anak.
Thanks for the info kak Maria!

Admin said...

Salam blogger lama dari blogger lama.. :-D Semoga sukses selalu..

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