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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Autism

Assalamualaikum & what is up!

So we've made 3 parts for our podcast talking about Autism with our friend and guest, Aishah Amin.

Just a lil bit of background, Aishah's eldest son is moderately autistic. And so we discussed and try to understand more about children of the spectrum.

Nowadays, alhamdulillah the exposure and awareness of disorders like autistic, down syndrome, ADHD, Asperger, even eating disorder, etc are good as compared to like, 5 years ago.

I've seen some people having meltdown in public and dulu, orang selalu ingatkan the parents macam tak reti ajar anak kinda thing.. Now, it's so different! People who are understanding offers help to the parents, give kind words and are more patient. There's even a cafe called The Autism Cafe Project!
Check that out heeeeerrreeeee!

I don't know if you remember iklan raya 2017 but I bet you watched it too, sebab ni iklan raya kot. And iklan raya, you know la how touching gila iklan masa raya!! Haha!
Kalau lupa, nah.
Please refresh your memory =p

Amazing kan =')

I have the highest respect for parents with special children =')

Talking to Aishah about autism really did made me understand so much about autism, eventhough we were only touching the surface. She was a lecturer so tu yang dia pandai convey her knowledge & experience!
I really urge you to listen to our 3 episodes on it and hopefully it will make you respect, understand, and be kind to people who are different and special, and inshaAllah know what to do when we see people who needs help.

Who knows, sometimes even the smallest of gestures like offering tissue, or a smile, can give such relief to others who are distressed and can even make them feel stronger and patient.

So come and have a listen if you haven't already!
Episode 11, 12 & 13 k! =D

So as usual,
my awkward sign off,


dalin ali said...

Hai Maria. Akak selalu suka cara maria menulis sesuatu. Membuatkan orang berfikir. I am your silent blog reader for years.
Please keep on writing.
Blogging adalah cara yang paling best di dunia akak rasa untuk menyimpan kata-kata kita secara kekal haha.
Love from Melaka.
Kak Diana

KUIKUI Developer's said...

Mars, just a suggestion - can you put the podcast after the "read more section" so if people wanna listen to it can just on the link and listen to it. Because right now, all of the podcasts are playing simultaneously, from the very first blogpost (w the podcast) until the latest one. So you need to go and actually pause each one before you can listen to the latest one. Thanks

Jan@Afzan said...

tq maria..been reading this in ur IG...but havent had time to listen to 3 episodes..

Maria Elena Zarul said...

hmmm.. That's a good suggestion, but there's no "read more" section.
I'll try to put per episodes then!
Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Nor Shahira Shukor said...

really touch this story.. Do follow my blog


Dwi Wahyudi said...

Anak autis itu adalah anak istimewa Kak

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