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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Making Home Fun For The Kids


I love taking my kids outside, exploring something new and visiting new places.
But since Isaac dah start walking (away from me), i dah penat nak bawak diorang jalan jalan. Unless my husby is around, then that's a different story la. Hehe..

Did you know that there are people out there yang buat children's play group? And they do like proper stuff too, like having sand pit la, ada some bubble area, ice area, paints and some random and cool stuff, all for developing sensory skills! I have been invited to some play groups, tapi they're always either far away or clashes with our plan. Too bad..

Maybe someday i could take the kids, inshaAllah.

But because of these play groups, i realised that i could do some of the activities at home! So i did some artsy stuff with Nadrah, and we made a mess. It was ok, but when Isaac came, and he starts eating up those small pieces of papers, and even playdoh, i just stopped doing it. It wasn't fun anymore. Just hazardous! Hahaha!

So no more artsy stuff (ada la sikit sikit), but we got some other stuff that's more safe and still super fun! Like this ball pit!

Even this huge fake flowers is good way for kids to learn about texture, colour, smell and shapes.

This tunnel thing pun ya Allah, punya la the kids suka main kejar kejar in it! It heightens their sense of space.

Of course, SAND! Beach holiday always means sand time and extra sensory time!
I remember how nadrah used to be geli with the sand haha!
Isaac chill je. I bet he'd swim in it if he could! =p

Most of the time, at home, i let them have fun during Bath Time!
I let them bring some toys (that's meant to be for water la) and play while showering.
It's super cute to see how Isaac is learning to see which toy sinks, and which toys float! Nadrah now likes to see how water flows down, so she build like an obstacle course to see the water flow direction.
And their favourite: BUBBLES!

Lots and lots of bubbles sampai licin lantai! Hahaha!

Ever since the kids were babies, i like to put some soap in their bathtub to create bubbles. And we play with the bubbles together until their fingers wrinkled up! Putting some bubbles on their hands, on their cheeks, hair, and then put bubbles on me pulak so that they can try to slap it off. Eventhough it's all play, but seriously, they are learning! It's all sensory stuff!

I like how Cetaphil Baby Moisturing Bath & Wash ni makes their skin soft even after they play with it for a long time. Since my kids have dry skin, that's definitely something i appreciate! Pastu tambah ngan the the Daily Lotion, their soft skin is kept soft!

Easy to clean fun is the best! For kids and for me bahahaha =p
I love that they are super gomol-friendly after mandi too. Wangi tak tahannnn!!

So i hope this somehow inspire you new moms, or moms trying to "spice up" your kids' learning activities, that playlearning happens at home too and it doesn't have to cost a bomb! =D
To have creative kids, we have to be creative as well hehee!

Have fun mommies! <3


Salatul Zarida said...

So good.
tak sabar nak tengok anak2 rushing pi bilik air... tak payah jerit2 macam mak tarzan dah


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Zayana Yusof said...

True, i let them play with bubbles while taking shower. Just so thay they could explore different textures from the ooey gooey liquid soap to the fun bubbles. And also so that I could catch some rest (ni reason sebenarnya)

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