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Sunday, October 22, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub: Gadgets and Problems

Salam khair evelibodi!

It's already our 6th episode dahhhh!!
So this week's episode, we're talking about gadgets and how we're letting our kids use it.

We all know the negative effects of over-exposing our kids to gadgets kan. It's already so widely spread how Steve Jobs also tak bagi anak main ipad la, how kids will get social problems, even motor-skills won't be too good if we let them play with gadgets instead of playing, but still.
Still we see people or know parents who let their kids play with gadgets 24-7.

HOWEVER, we should always sangka baik.

Sometimes it's the situation that requires us to let our kids play with gadgets:
1. Safety reasons.
- dulu it's safe to let kids run around but now.. maybe not so, so we let our kids watch or play something on our gadgets.

2. It's better than letting them disturb other people
- some people are not comfortable with children running around them. And we're trying to be considerate of other people's feelings kan. I personally know my kids, and they're the kind yang suka kacau orang and i've seen how some (very few la) yang get really annoyed at it. But then, mostly people don't mind. Still. Trying to be considerate =)

3. We need them to be quiet for a while.
- we want to eat too. Hahaha! And sometimes when i have no choice but to bring my kids to meeting, i'd give them my phone to watch something so that i can talk and listen.
....... i really should get a nanny! Hahaha!

I know this is an ugly photo of me... But here memang obviously we're letting the kids watch the ipad because we wanted to eat peacefully and were in a cramped place. Huhuuuuuu..

And i've read a couple of articles that said playing games (on ipad or computer) can have positive impacts too, like an accuracy skill (i think this is in relation to shooting kind of games), and also strategical thinking.
But too much of it will cause kids to lose their empathy and social skills.

So in the end, in everything, we need BALANCE.

Kita as adults pun kena la control ourselves. Children does repeat what they see and hear. And when they see us always on our gadget, of course diorang pun nak kan.
And this is my current struggle. I'm so stuck with my phone and laptop because of my business..... and because it's my source of entertainment too. T_T
Now i'm trying to control myself though. I've stopped making my phone a must-hold-and-see first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I try to plan my time using gadgets for work and for entertainment too, so that i can make time to be more present with my kids.

See, eventhough i'm 24-7 with them, but i'm not "with" them so much.
And yeah, i hate myself for that.

Please have a listen to our latest podcast!

Tell us what you think and if you have any pointers or advise, please share! If you have anything you wish for us to share on our future episodes, please let us know k! =) Be in the club, #unitedmomsclub that is! *awkward sign off* bye!


Raihanah Ahmad said...

nice info

dorsett pink said...

gadjet is good for kids but need to control it. I encourage my baby play arts instead of phone/ipad, but i also give it to her in a limited time, probably only 30 minutes at the restaurants because i want to have a meal in a peace , same like u. hehe

pure leaps and spirals said...

Salam elena,

I have been a silent reader for a few years and was compelled to leave a msg after reading this post. I totally agree with you that its all about balance... my daughter is a picky eater and if ikut her way tak makan pon takpe. I've tried all sorts of things to get her to eat and sometimes there is JUST. NO. OTHER. WAY other than to resort to youtube pinkfong or baby shark to distract her for a little while and masuk food in her mouth and consider it a victory when she chews and swallows... serious lagi exciting dari watching footballers score goal i tell u!

So apart from my mobile being a distraction device, i try my best to minimize exposure/usage to gadgets...

Keep on writing! love reading your tips! but tak sempat nak share comments except now kat opis before i log off, unwind kejap baca your blog ha ha ha... escapism!

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