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Monday, August 21, 2017


So last Friday, i took my kids to the Butterfly Park in KL.

I kept it a secret from my kids, Nadrah especially (Isaac bukannya faham anyway haha) because i know she'll be too excited and then mesti ada something tak kena.
Like what if it rained and we couldn't go. I know she'll be very frustrated.

So kept it hush hush, until.

I picked her up from school, and then the usual battle to get her to finish her food, and i told her
"If you finish your food soon, we can go to the Butterfly Park!"

Habis. Hehehe!

To the Butterfly Park! Andele andele!

We bought fish food for RM 5.
Kesian tengok the fishes fighting for food..

I was mimicking Isaac's expression
Nadrah was "winking" haha!!

This type of butterfly is very friendly!
Boleh pegang (tapi i geli nak pegang =P)

Take 1

(Nadrah, put that thing down)
Take 2!

(Nadrah, properly lah!!!)
Take 3!

(Ah suka hati la!)
Take 4.

Pretty butterfly!

Looks like a rainforest kan.
Tapi kecik je the place. hehee

Sambung mission feeding the fishies

My geli attempt to stroke the butterfly haaha!

Nadrah was braver than me though. Good good.

Nadrah was telling the butterfly to not be afraid of her.
"It's ok little butterfly, i won't hurt you"
then poke it.


Isaac ni penggeli rupanya. 
He didn't want to walk at all because he was geli of the butterflies. 
I had to carry him around!!
Which is why my pictures pun macam borinnngggg~
Taking pics on my huge phone with one hand was quite dangerous. I do NOT want to drop my phone. heheeeee

Went into the exhibition area and FUH!
(We were sweating buckets!)

The kids were enjoying themselves

Eh eh Isaac berzapin pulak

Nadrah took this!
Good! I have a photographer now bahahaha!

Alhamdulillah we got to see everything, because when we got into the car, it started raining!
I thought we were there for like 2 hours.
But we were there for only 1 hour!
30minutes in the butterfly area, and another 30 minutes in the exhibition room and souvenir shop (for the aircon and letting my arms relax).

I only bought butterfly stickers for Nadrah and an Ironman toy for Isaac.

Kat rumah terus stick the butterflies on the wall.
Isaac was taking them off haha!
Nadrah got really angry at him bahahhaa

The reason why i wanted to bring them to Butterfly Park was because..
Nadrah was telling me about butterflies she saw on TV, and she was asking questions and making up stories about how butterflies would go to her and stuff.
It really got me wondering, when did she ever seen beautiful butterflies? Because all we've seen so far are moths hahahaha!

That compelled me into taking both her & isaac to see real beautiful butterflies and see how they really are (not as friendly as we wish. hehehee)

I went to Butterfly park once when i was super young, and in my head, it was HUGE.
But now that i'm all grown up, laaaa kecik rupanya. Hahaha!

For the price of RM 12 for the 3 of us, well, ok la.

Going there on a weekday was part of my plan. Can't imagine how it would have been on a weekend. Parking lagi.. When we went, sikit je orang, so butterflies were really easy to spot!

I would NOT recommend for families with stroller-bound children because there were loads of steps and the walkway isn't smooth. Take note k!

Other than that, it's a good experience and a breath of fresh air for all of us.
Glad that there are places like this for us all to enjoy nature & its beauty =)


Raihana Abdul Aziz said...

12 rggt cam murah..boleh la bawak anak-anak nanti..
thanks share this! terus boleh masuk list aktiviti hari tak sekolah..

☻UsaGi NaNa☻ said...

seems like clean place to take my baby there, she 9m..still thinking becoz of debu butterfly huhu

affriena zubil said...

Nadrah and Isaac soo cute ! ^^

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