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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Saving Space


I remember once upon a time, when i was in school, my friends and i would be amazed at people who lives in condominiums.

"Wah! Kaya nyaaa!", i thought when i met my friend who said she stayed in a condo.

Now, times have changed!
I hear people living in a house, i'll be like "fuuuuhh.. Rezeki dia..".

Probably because when i was younger, living in a condo means having a swimming pool, which is a HUGE luxury, isn't it?
Now, having a front lawn, or a second floor is like THE SHIZ, you know?


Now that our little family is living in a condo, i finally realise how small it is for the 4 of us, and how much nonsense we've been collecting over the years. It's ridiculous!
Like my husband's boxes (which he needs because kononnya we need it in future. Ugh, one time, we dismantled our Astro, and he was so proud that he kept the box. Kept looking over at me as if he's justifying his box-hoarding habit is useful..), and my notebooks and pouches (which i buy for no reason at all, other than "it's so cute!" and "oh, i might want to use this someday" - which did not happen. I somehow always end up using the freebie notebooks.. Nadrah uses a lot of my pouches though. To put in her dried up playdohs..), and NADRAH's TOYS! (which most of them she doesn't even play with!! She always play with MY STUFF like my pouches, the curtain rope-thing, and ISAAC's TOYS.. which is actually Nadrah's old baby toys.. hehe..).

So i've been trying to make up some space by giving away our armchair, some tables, i sold of a lot of my clothes, shawls and bags (not notebooks.. no! never them!), bought some drawers and cupboards for us to hoard our shoes (husband and nadrah got more shoes than i do. Serious!) and some letters, files, etc.

Now, alhamdulillah, looks like we've managed to open up some space for the kids to roam about, and by kids, i mean Isaac because he's starting to crawl everywhere. Hehee..
It's all good.

Through all this, I've learnt to let go of stuff i don't need. Other than my notebooks. Which is good la kan! I used to be so clingy on my stuff.. And i also have learnt (and still learning) to buy things i NEED. The 'wants' boleh la, but once in a while. If i have a 'want', i will try and get the cheapest version i can get.
For example, there was this one time when i really really wanted to get vacuum. The one we had was ok but it can't do much. So i browsed at shops, online, and finally i found one that does everything i need and it's within my budget! Punya la bersungguh sungguh kan. Hehe!
I always put a budget on the things i want so that i don't bust my husband's and my savings. =p

The hardest part was shopping for clothes. I had to unfollow some fashionistas on instagram because i don't want them to influence my shopping nafsu. Bahahahaha!
It's way better now compared to last time, alhamdulillah. I used to be such an impulsive shopper! Now, i can rationalise first before putting that thing on the cashier counter. It took a looootttt of hard work, you know, to tame that nafsu!

Now that we're talking about saving spaces, i got the Cosatto Pitter Patter Highchair!

I know, i know.. It's not exactly "the cheapest thing" in the house, but it's the quality that we want! (and it's a gift for the kids, so.. alhamdulillah! save budget. hehe!)
The other thing i learnt is that, when it comes to the kids, try get the ones that lasts long. Like nadrah's stroller that we bought. It cost a lot, but alhamdulillah, can still use for Isaac! Still going strong and steady. 

FYI, we have the ikea highchair, and eventhough it's cheap.. it's sooo annoying!!
I hate how the legs of their highchair is super spreaded-out like a spider. All of us have tripped over it so many times! EVEN WHEN PUSHED TO THE WALL! And ours is all rickety already.. It was a blessing that we got this Cosatto Pitter Patter Highchair! 

Cosatto Pitter Patter Highchair is collapsable, and its legs are not spreaded out like crazy, it's super safe and can be used until the kids are in their teens. Haha! I mean it can be passed down for years la. It's one of the best highchairs, according to this review. The tray can be moved to the back if you don't want to use it. Warranty is 2 years, and you can get this at Baby Dots TTDI.
I love how Isaac looks comfy in it too =)

Playing with the toys (which is anything really..) while ummi works next to him.

Awwww.. My handsome smiley boy!! 

Here's to living minimally, letting go unnecessary stuff and no cluttering!
InshaAllah. Amiin. 
Heheheeee =p


Mommy Muhaimin said...

Husband saya pun ada tebiat suka menyimpan kotak-kotak dengan barangan lama. Nanti-nanti berguna jugak katanya. Hahah.

-Diari Mummy Muhaimin-

Leina Farhana said...

isaac so cuteeee!

rafidah ramli said...

nice blog n story

sgrmse. said...

what a beautiful baby boy!!! (: i miss chatting with you, maria elena. hehe. i hope you're well. x

zra said...

Assalamualaikum kak Maria,

Do you mind to share what kind of toys/ educational tools to enhance baby's growth? I am a first time mommy who have 3 months baby. So far belum jumpa lagi post at what age is the best toys stuff you can introduce to your kids to ensure they reach milestone accordingly. Would love to hear from you soon whenever you are free to blog.

Thank you.

Amizah Azid said...

Terbalik, saya yang suka simpan kotak.. suami redhoo je dlm stor penuh kotak ����

lokman amirul said...

salam blogwalking