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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monkey Cupcakes


Nadrah went to a "Field Trip" earlier today - they went to a cupcake workshop, which is so cool for kids her age to participate in.

Monkey cupcakes! I took that small bite. It tastes good!

I think that kids nowadays really have so much advantage at learning and i pray that they'll grow to be incredibly well rounded people. InshaAllah.

I actually put nadrah in her Montessori last year, when she wasn't officially 2 years old.
Orang kata kesian.
Kecik kecik dah masuk skolah.

Eva & Nadrah

I masukkan dia in the same school as her cousin, Eva, who's a year older than her.
They're like BFFs, like sisters; bila jauh rindu, bila dekat gaduh.
I put her in the same school because my cousin pun said the school is good.

Alhamdulillah nadrah is a quick learner, in terms of talking la. And the only reason i put her in a school at that young of age is because i know she'll learn so much more than i can offer.
I'm really not the creative type, so things like colouring, painting, doing diy stuff.. no matter how hard i try, i just have little patience for them.
I can play pretend or play toys with her. So, my idea was, let her play, sharpen her abilities and improve her social skills at school, then i will continue with others, like doing chores, and correcting her adab.

There was this one period when i rasa kesian la nak bawak dia skolah, so i don't force her to wake up and let her skip school. Well, it turns out that we became unproductive. She slept through the morning while i clean the house, and then when i want to rest, she wakes up and demands stuff. So we both become pissy and i just get more and more tired as the day goes by.
Because i get tired, i malas nak layan dia, so i let her watch the tv.
And then we both became zombies.
What a way to spend our day, right. (Not.)

Those were the days when parents can let their children out of the house and play with the neighbours at the playground..
Alhamdulillah i had that.. But this zaman?
The playgrounds are often a hotel for stray dogs, the parks and even the neighbourhood isn't so safe anymore, and now, it's the heat.
Terlepas pandang sekejap je, macam macam boleh jadi.

So yeah. Pergi skolah nadrah.
You get to play at the playground with your friends, you get to do painting with your friends, you learn how to share, you learn how to make cupcakes with your friends, and so so much more!
Her artworks which i tape on the wall coz she kept misplacing them, and she plays with them once in a while.

It's only for 4 hours a day, but it's enough time for nadrah to be at school.
And to be honest, the first time i sent nadrah to that school, i wasn't emotional ke apa pun.
I was actually worried for the teachers.

One day, one of the teachers told nadrah to get inside the school (they were playing at the playground in the school's garden), and nadrah said "No, you go inside!".
Even the headmistress kept telling me how 'strong-willed' nadrah is.
Coz she really is. That, and fearless.
Oh well. Alhamdulillah she's happy anyway =)

Not saying that everyone should masukkan their kids skolah ASAP, coz seriously, if you can do it yourself, you should and i'm not recommending anything. I'm just sharing my choices in parenting.
There's no "My Way is The Best Way" here.
Strictly "I Am Doing My Best To Provide The Best For My Child(ren)" ONLY.

Here's to well rounded kids! Hehe!


nadhie wueen said...

Comelnyaa nadrah... same comel dgn cupcake xD

Soraya Zainal said...

i wish i had that facilities (playschool) for toddlers here. I am working in god-know-where and I just had to bring my son along to this place. I left him with a babysitter during the day and at night I was so tired that I just let him sit at my lap watching TV.

I know, for him to get to the school I need to let him live with my husband in KL.. but, I can't bear to be separated from him for weeks..

He is just 21mo anyway..

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dorsett pink said...

sama like my daughter. I've sent her to school since she was 18 months..

Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

semoga Nadrah membesar menjadi anak yang solehah dan berguna kepada ibubapa, agama dan negara Aamiin..

Aisya Zurina said...

Nadrah is so cute. Hehe

Puteri Purple said...

So cuteπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.... btw singgah blog

Puteri Purple said...

So cuteπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.... btw singgah blog