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Saturday, November 1, 2014

the day we took Nadrah to Aquaria


so nadrah is not even 1 years old yet, but of course being first-time parents, we thought :
hey, why don't we take nadrah on a 'lawatan sambil belajar'?
since it has been raining then, zoo was cancelled, and off we went to Aquaria KLCC!

fyi, this was i think ummm.. last month? two months ago? aiyo. lupa la! but back when nadrah's hair was still thin. hahahahaha!!

AQUARIA! weeee~~

not so weee though.
nadrah is such a baby! she doesn't know how or what to appreciate when we, you know, showed her around!

she was more excited to see the water and wanted to dive in.
nak jadi mermaid ke?
padahal bila mandi, bilas air kat kepala pun takut.. 

husbeng and i both went 
"nadrah! look! fish! waaahhh~ fiiiiiiisssshhhhh~~"
"nadrah look! froggggg! ribbit ribbit! froooooogggg~"
"nadrah look look! fishhhhh! fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish~~"
"nadrah look! otterrrrr~~~"

she looks. but only for a few seconds.
then she turns away and found something more interesting.

like my face. right after this noobie shot was taken, she slapped me.

it's ok nadrah. 
i forgive you, since you're still a cutie pie. but if you slap me when you're older...
you really don't want to know what i'm gonna do to you!
*warning tau!*

we went into the tunnel thing, and i was surprised by how small it is. in my memory, going through the tunnel was the best part of the whole water-world-thing. hehehehe!
i remember when i was a kid, going through the tunnel was like going into rumah hantu!
scary yet exciting! 
coz everything looks so near and big, and masa zaman kecik kecik tu, i watched the movie JAWS.
and for those of you who watched it and was born in the same era as i am, you probably had the fear of seeing sharks kan!!
sep sikit! hahahahaha!

nadrah not even bothered by the sharks!
budak zaman sekarang... hehehe! =p

nadrah lagi suka layan the person behind us. oh well~

subhanallah. that is the weirdest looking creature from under-view. is that a word? hahaha!

ye ye.
nadrah looks like her dad.
i know.



this penyu reminded me of the penyus (plural for penyu wahaha) in Finding Nemo and the penyu i saw when snorkeling in Pulau Perhentian's water.
i love penyu. 

nadrah see that? that's jellyfishhhhh~ je-li-fiiiiiish~

nadrah look! seahorses tido!
seeeee-horrrrsssssss~ sleeeeeeeppp~

all in all, we had a good time at aquaria. it was kinda hard though to move around with a stroller, only because the place has stairs and steps. so husbeng had to carry nadrah most of the time. sakit otot tangan dia lopeh tu. ciiiiaaaaannn dia! hehehe!

during the first half of our tour, husbeng and i knew that it was too early to take nadrah to aquaria. it's just that we wanted to have a healthy outing with her. takkan la nak bawak gi tengok toys je just to see her responding to the kinds of toys she likes kan!
ok kantoi we do that.. =p

it was kinda fun for me though. the place reminded me of how i used to see it when i was younger. oh, how i've grown :') 

"so nadrah, did you enjoy yourself?"

"ummi. apa aku kesah?"


takpe, next time we go see butterflies ye?
YAYYYYY!! (for me! ihiks!)


Izzah Azryna said...

Alolo nadrah... but hey, your husbeng dah gemuk dah, tapi kak maria maintain je hehehe. ok jangan marah...

Ayu azmir said...

Comelnya 3beranak ni...

atie lazis said... dulu pun anak 1st excited bwk anak ke Aquaria walaupun anak tak reti apa lagi..
layan jela Nadrah kn.

Part jaws...kalau asben sy, suka nyanyi cing cing cing...lagu time ekor jaws datang tu..sepp! ;)

mama maman aka yana said...

bw anak gi zoo.. dia xlyn pun binatang2 tuh.. kami jew mengimbas kenangan melawat zoo zaman pas spm (lawatan sek).. so moral of the story.. ponat jew bw zoo jaman dia kecik.. skrg dia besar sendiri dia ajak kita bw dia ke zoo.. haha

ENarisha ♥ said...

aaaa nadrah is so cute!!

Rosmiza Ali said...

Lama tak singgah sini.. Besar dah Nadrah.. Looks alike like her father.. ^_^
Rosmiza Ali Official Blog™

LeLy said...

Pekate maria try babywearing nadrah...
Try out soft structured carrier (ssc)...

Jocelyn Lum said...

I read this post from the beginning to the end.

It feels as if I was drawn into your 3D world although this is just a 2D post. You pull me into the imagination world of yours.

I have a 2 year old, was wondering what kind of place is nice to bring him to apart from shopping mall. Lol. Thanks for this post, I guess 1 day I should bring him to Aquaria too!:)

plain83 said...

yes, the "ventral view" of that fish species is indeed awesome ^^

Nur Saleha Jayiddin said...

comel laaa nadrah. mesti dia happy tgk fishhh.

picairin said...

kena tunggu besar sikit maria.. setahun lebey should be okay kot.. my son pon bawah setahun bawak gi zoo bo layan ja bila kami (husband n wife) dgn super excited nya tunjuk binatang2 dalam zoo. haha. tapi now, nampak cat bird fish. dia yg excited lebey. now he is 1 yr and almost 3 months. hehe. rasa nak bawak gi aquaria pulak bila tgk post ni. hahaha

Siti Zawiyah Rahmat said...

Comelnya Nadrah.. geram kat pipi dia..

cik mah said...

Ala2...nadrah ni comellah...excited nk berkenalanlah tu ngan orng sekeliling..mcm ank cik mah..suka tgok ramai orng..

Nadiah Hasan said...

SooOOo cute!

nor hayati abdul halim said...

hihi..lwk. kita parents mmg gitu..p zoo pun kita yg teruja lbh dri anak =)


nor hayati abdul halim said...

hihi..lwk. kita parents mmg gitu..p zoo pun kita yg teruja lbh dri anak =)


nor hayati abdul halim said...

hihi..lwk. kita parents mmg gitu..p zoo pun kita yg teruja lbh dri anak =)


apricot pie said...

nadrah slap ur face?hahahaha.looking ur face..dgn mimik muka mcm tu.mmglah die geram.dalam hati "mak aku ni dh kenapa nak selfie bagai"..lolzz.cutieee nadrah.!

orked said...

dun B look like his dad too! and people keep on..'hey! sebijik like daddy' ' hey muka daddy waktu kecik" i just said to him.. if u kawen org lain..ur child will not same.. mungkin ur 'wife' pye gen lagi, just proud u married me.. ahaks! hehehe

Jan@Afzan said...

hehehe.. sebenarnya mummy dia yg lebih seronok kan...:D

hai, nadrah! takpe lah ikut rupa husband pun. The 2nd one, insya Allah rupa u pula.. Amin

Maintain je Maria ni..makin cantik akak tgk..

JIten Mallik said...

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PeRdU cINta said...

bila sedari baby kita dekatkan anak dengan alam semulajadi..hidup hidupan..insyaAllah kita juga sebenarnya sedang mendekatkan anak dengan Penciptanya..

Suriya Majid said...

memang dia 'apa aku kesah', but maybe somehow this memory will be captured by her...tah2 nanti dia kata dulu2 masa kecik-kecik pernah tengok shark

NadiaR said...

i pun ada fikir jugak nak bawa anak 1 y/o pergi aquaria tapi tunggu dia besar sket lah... haaa try babywearing la senang, xyah bawak stroller. paling cheap, kain batik sling. try lah, best!

Siti Hajar said...

Besar dah Nadrah. Such a lovely girl you have there. Always take care of her as she is the responsibility or amanah given towards the parents :)

Darleen (",) said...

Subhanallah. Anak cerdik, just like the mother and of course the father as well.

nur nabihah yunus said...

seronok Nadrah dapat jalan2 dgn ibu dan ayah. kak Maria looks very pretty and youthful as always. I envy your complexion hihi :)

nini said...

hehe....mcm parents dia excited lebih selalunya memang gitu kan...hihi

Hafiz Yasin,MHMY said...

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Latifah said...

Comell nadrah... membesar jd ank yg baik & solehah yer syg.. :-)


Liyana said...

weee tengok ikan pari tu... huwarghhh mcm seram nak makan ikan pari masak asam pedas dah pasni hehehe

Fekar Khairul said...

salam kak maria . I've emailed yah at about our program . have u checked it ?

Bidadari gojess said...

bestkan aquaria. ok lah at least anak-anak kita dapat tgk macam-macam sea creatures. Kalau x kat mana lagi kan. Menghayati kebesaran Ilahi.

jemput datang blog kita maria elena yg cun..

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MumMe said...

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