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Monday, June 30, 2014

Adra La Kayena

Assalamualaikum weirdoz!

ok memandangkan sudah lewat malam, i'll make this short and straight to the point!

few months ago, i had a search for models for La Kayena.
i did it over instagram/twitter/facebook and fuhhhh!
beribu riban yang hantar emails!

i punya requirements sangat simple.
tak perlu ada experience, tak kisah height or skin colour or flawless skin etc, and tak kira bangsa (asalkan faham konsep islam, modesty, cukup ok).

i guess because of this, a lot of people tried out!
mashaAllah, over the emails, macam macam character dapat kenal.
it's kinda fun, sebab lain orang, lain "kerenah" kan.

several types of people i've "met" are:
1. yang takde kata kata aluan. just send details, and that's it. no "assalamualaikum!", no title on the email, no "thank you", nothing. just details. i'm sorry to say, tapi orang yang bagi details camni je, i tak put much effort in knowing them. bukan apa, it's adab kan. and i hope if you're one of them yang hantar email camni, please... don't be offended, rather, please try and change ek! this is for your own good! bila nak cari kerja, nak cari rezeki, sekurang-kurangnya tunjukkan respect and adab =)

2. yang sangat experienced. i rasa malu lak sebab korang experienced sangat. hehe! thank you sangat sebab sudi try-out. although you all memang pandai posing bagai, tapi i think boleh la bagi chance kat orang lain kan =B

3. sangat friendly! alhamdulillah, category ni memang ramai. it was fun reading your emails yang set my spirits up!

actually ada banyak lagi, tapi i said i want to keep this short and straightforward kan. heeeee~

so all in all, from thousand over emails and personalities, i've shortlisted to a few, and from the ones shortlisted, i've chosen 5 girls =)

these girls are eager to dakwah, and i, i hope to be able to help them reach to as many people as they can. we all strive for Jannah, so what better way than to use the internet as our medium kan!

please dearies, i urge you all to head on to:

where these lovely girls, also known as Adra La Kayena, share their thoughts and ilmu  =)

should you have any questions and need some enlightenment, please leave your questions or comments at the blog or email at
your identity shall be kept private if you want.

we will do our best to help and provide =)

love you lillahi taala!

ps: here's a Ramadhan checklist! hope it benefits, in sha Allah =)

happy fasting!


Aimi Farhana said...

sayangnya, saya pendek. tak mampu nak jadi model... hahhaa

budok said...

kak maria. i read the blog! keep updating yaa! and its a good effort =D moga tetap istiqamah.

Unknown said...

Waa... gud one kak maria. Design jubah dah cantik. Nanti buat jugalah design shawl or bawal yang matching dengan jubah. Provided lebar dan tak jaranglah. Itupon kalau kak Maria tak busy. Hehe. Gudluk with business-ing!

Ekin said... the effort sooooo much. Inspiring!

Diyana Zahari said...

Alhamdulillah, bagusnya :)) Jadi model bukan sekadar pandai posing je :)

CIda said...


Hi Maria. My name is Syahida and I am a research student at Victoria University of Wellington. I would like to invite you to participate in my research entitled "Value Creation Practices in Social Commerce Community". I tried to find your email address, but I didn't manage to get it. It seems inappropriate for me to use Lakayena email thus this is my last resort. Hehehe.. Can you please write me an email, so that I can send the invitation letter and the consent form? My email address is:

And you can check this link for verification

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks Maria. May Allah grant you happiness and success, dunia akhirat. Amin.

Nur Atiqah said...

Hi Maria...

Ermm... hi....

Oh haii....

Just wanna say haii......

Missing your vlog :)