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Sunday, January 30, 2011

competition for a place in reality


kalau tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayannnnngggg~~

ok whatever. hehe!

now i have something a bit serious i need your opinions about.
i received a message in facebook from a lovely girl whose having problems finding a job as a clerk. she said that there are companies looking for malay ladies who preferably, are not wearing scarves.

i don't know what to make of this, and i don't know how many companies we're talking about. but the fact that there are companies who have preference such as "chinese female only" or "malay female but don't wear tudung pleaseeee" or something like that, makes it seem like there's sooo many limitation to get a job nowadays.

lagi lagi when the college and university intakes are only in September. isn't it going to be more competitive to get a job? when every student are on holiday at the same time, and enters college/uni at the same time. even entering college/uni will be more competitive!

if there are such preferences (as i mentioned earlier), then chances are slimmer! to land a clerk's job pun you have to satisfy the 'appearance' criteria, then how?
if the person have qualifications and the qualities to work, then why should appearance matter? whether the person wear scarf or not, if she/he can perform at their job, isn't that good?

a successful company should have brains to support it, not looks.

so what do you think?
i admit, i was not aware of this because alhamdulillah in my experience of applying for jobs, i didn't encounter such..ummm.. what is it ek? prejudice?
well, you get what i'm trying to say kan?

let me know! thank you lovelies!!! =D


Hidayah Othman said...

x adil la mcm tu...sshkn org jep...prangai org mcmni la wat ekonomi negra xmbgun..heheh..teremosi plop..

Mejuez said...

huhuhu.. biase lah ....

Joanna R. said...

Seriously its true!
OMiGee! Like tolong lah. Pkai tudung doesnt mean ktorg x le buat kerja rite? Mcm racist plak.
Lagi2 kalau msk tnya " Saya nk minta kerjaaa... "
x habis ckp tuh! Tp dah ada jwpn " sorry, full already"
halamak! Iklan kt dpn terpampang kowt VACANCY NEEDED.
Lps kes tu, mmg i dh mls gila nk cr kerja. but I have to! *sob sob

WunnyNiwaa said...

dunia semakin unfair la dear !

Annur Amalina said...

salam =)

i experienced the same situation a few weeks ago.

my chinese friend ajak i kerja with her kat this 1 particular shop. btw, i suka beli baju2 from this shop.

d manager said, sorry kiteorg chinese company so kalau nak kerja, kene bukak tudung.

i was really heartbroken sbb kene reject n x sangka my fav shop dont approve d workers wearing a tudung =/

Hamizah Syamimi Supian said...

hurm..i thought this kind of issues would be largely found kat industri perhotelan or something like that..never aware kes macam ni jadi untuk clerical jobs too..this kind of prejudice is somewhat silly and dumb you know..i mean, Malaysia is negara islam..all companies be it national or international should put aside this kind of prejudice and start respecting Islam and muslims..wallahualam..p/s peh panjang pulak mengomen..hehe

mrsbifa said...

agree with u maria..
somtime yg ltak rules mcm 2 yg xde brain..

nadiaruslan said...

totally unfair la kn..although i am not wearing hijab,but really pity to all the gals out there..they have the qualification..kalau la bnyk company yg mcm tu yg juz depend on the look nmpk nye kesian la dkt kiteorg yg x grad lg nie kn..

zaira said...

boss tempat kerja tu nak cari clerk tak pakai tudung to satisfy his sexual needs kot.

Bila worker sexy, bos boleh pegang pegang cuci mata kannnn?

F u racist employer!

A I N A said...

mmg sadis.

Anonymous said...

i pnh kena. even tu kedai melayu. nak jual kasut je pon. tp demand tggi. nk yg freehair. :) kdg2 terpikir. ade jgk org mcm tu.

LaiLa said...

That bothers me a lot, but it happens and we cannot do anything, I think. you're right when you say that they y don't have to look at how we dress only if we can do the job. But there are people who think that way and honestly, I hate it a lot.

amywammy said...

Hi Ena!

Long time no see, don't know whether you still remember me or not. I've always been your silent reader, hehe..

Anyway, too clarify certain things, I do know of such cases happening. Cases where majikan suruh bukak tudung kinda thing, I like to stress this out: IT IS A TEST FROM THE MANAGEMENT. I know so cause currently, I'm working for a company that people calls "Chinamen company".

Kalau derang tanya soalan tu, (1)derang bukannya tak suka orang pakai tudung
(2)Even if they memang tak suka, you can twist it around.

they ask this question to see how far you're willing to stand for what you believe in. Companies now, wants people who won't be pressured to be unethical, sebab tu derang tanya soalan provokatif camtu. They want to see prinsip hidup korang la.

So if people ask you such question, give them a powerful answer like; this is something that you truly believe in, and you won't sacrifice your principles, etc, wearing a hijab does not mean you are less intelligent, or capable, and stress out how important it is to have principles in life. They'll be super impressed.

Us hijabi girls have a responsibility to project the progressive part of Islam. Not only through fashion, but our confidence and intellect as well. Wallahua'lam.

P/S: Sorry I membebel. I see a lot of Muslim sisters going through the same thing, and I hope this helps =)

'azlah mohd azhar said...

agree with laila. there's nothing that we can do, really. but i believe there's a lott more job opportunities for her out there. just ditch the stupid company =.=

nurzahidah said...

erm..there were too many problem same as above mention by maria nowadays..

as a muslim, i hope we can show that we are not depends on them too much and always mindset ourselves that ISLAM is an easy way in our daily cool bebeyh!hehe

p/s:do love u maria!ur so cool!hehe

nurzahidah said...

erm..there were too many problem same as above mention by maria nowadays..

as a muslim, i hope we can show that we are not depends on them too much and always mindset ourselves that ISLAM is an easy way in our daily cool bebeyh!hehe

p/s:do love u maria!ur so cool!hehe

nurzahidah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anis Azziyati Juhari ツ said...

salam kak maria . :)

according to my exprience ,
the tauke2 kdai taknak amek employee kita-kita yg btudung ni bcos of mreka dah serik . Serik amenda ? serik brang-brang kena curik . employee btdung sllu sorokkan bnda2 yg mreka curik kat dlm tdung, serkup n so whatever .

my clssmate , amek part time job kat sbuah kdai aksesori pun kena sruh buka tdung . klau tak buka , gaji kurang . so my clssmate tu pn tpksa la jga (mslh ekonomi pnya psl) amek keja tu n buka tdung .

tapi kan ! tapi kan ! clssmate saya ni bkn keja kat luar sbgai salesgirl or cashier , dia keja kat stor kdai je . tukang ssun-ssun kotak , letak-letak hrga kat brang . tu je . tu pun kena sruh buka tdung . nsib baik la dlm stor tu takda pkerja yg bkn muhrim . smua pompaun . ye la , dah nma pun kdai aksesori . :)

ada tak menatang ni dikupas dlm mna2 media ? isu ni lma da wooo ..
takda sapa ke nak mnuntut k'adilan utk para gadis b'tudung dlm mcri kerja nnti ??
hummmmm . :(

fya zainal said...

alhamdulillah setakat ni x penah kena macam ni but some of my friends are...for them bila pakai tudung ni nampak mcm lil bit kampungan x maju and bla bla bla

so what shud we do is prove them yang kita bley setanding orang lain in term of kerja or appearance..

some work place amik kira appearance sebab...first impression kot...


this is what happens to our reality right now. for whatever reason is that one should pray to god so that everything in his or her life will be easy and blessed, insya Allah. In addition to that, blah sje from that kinda company who kinda racist towards malay wearing scarves. idiot. work depends upon our performances am i rite ladies.......

Eqa R. said...

I have to agree with this. I've been through it you know. I baru 18 y/o and ofcz laa, nak kerja cari pengalaman and cari duit kan hehe. But I was so dissapointed with a few kedai yang I pergi. Baru cakap 'kerja' then terus geleng kepala. Nak free-hair je, haih. Pakai tudung doesnt mean yg kite tak reti buat kerja okay. Dulu ada jugak dgr benda ni but bila dah alami sendiri, sumpah bengang. Thanks for bringing up this issue btw, boleh jgk lepas geram :p

mOOn said...

Sharing is caring. I ada one article yg dulu kala about this issue. So, check it out.

mye said...

tp kadang2 prwatakn dan prsonaliti blh mbuatkan syrkat kte lbh maju..

hatim a.r said...

im trying to find a apartment/condo to rent in penang. all the landlords say chinese tenant only. then how?

ween said...

it might seems unfair, but that's what so called life. it does make sense actually for some companies or certain positions to have such requirement. usually, this issue will arise on front-line position bcos they represent the companies name. but for clerical jobs, the company is just too much!

my advise, seek for other company. Allah know the best, perhaps He already had better plan for the girl :)

hani syahida said...

ya..kebanyakkan keja swasta nak yg muka lawa saja T_T

msdeiyana said...

This means kan even we're so fashionable and pandai kerja pun tak dapat jugak kan?

Baru teringin nak kerja dekat kedai make-up then one of my friend said "mana boleh! kena bukak tudung la."

so annoying kan?

Anonymous said...


cik maze said...

dunia semakin kejam .
semakin sadis bile isu perkauman mennjadi tunjak .

cik maze said...

dunia semakin kejam .
semakin sadis bile isu perkauman mennjadi tunjak .

aisyah said...

kak maria,
saya sokong ur opinion.
sbb saya pun pernah kene mcm tu.
they treat me in different way just because i'm wearing hijab
not fair!

sha ANUAR said...

ishh tk baikk ohh mcm to ! diskriminasi betul *slah ejaan kot
anyways , tk sokong lgsung pemikiran yg mcm to ! booo =P

Rabiatul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rabiatul said...


andd my advice is simple; don't let people change who you want to be. to employers yg nak sgt org yg seksi meksi boleh lah suruh stripper je kerja, dorg tu sume closed minded. i am pretty sure ada bykkk employers yg tak macam tu. the key words are, keep on trying and never give up.

Akulah Aqilah Itu said...

Tak sangka prejudice macam ni masih ada lagi kat sini. Hm. Ada satu kes, kawan aku kerja kilang. Tapi kat situ employer dia tak kasi berhenti untuk solat. So, dia mostly akan miss Asar. Then, dia quit je kerja situ, cari kerja lain. walaupun gaji masa tu boleh tahan besar. Bukan sekadar operator pengeluaran.

amirah said...

Discrimination happens everywhere.. What amywammy said does makes sense. Cara kita handle tu yg penting. It's either we stand to our principle and lost the job, or 'sacrifice' our kewajipan menutup aurat in order to get the job. I hope nobody will choose the latter one.

But girls, if you really need that job, there are always options rite? Tanya majikan tu balik, if I don't wear scarves, but I substitute with any fashionable hat, will u still employ me? You can still cover your hair and wear it with turtle neck or something to cover your neck and chest.

Kalau itupun tak dapat, just pack your things, and simply walk away. You deserve better workplace I tell you.

AMALINA 498032 said...

hem... memeg pun skrg nie... sume org tgk dri outside je... diaorg bkn nye nk tgk kite krje bgus ke tak... ish... but i'm stil 17teen so.. i x prnh cri kerje lgi i rse memg sume company mcm tu la ske sgt prejudice pde org yg pkai tdung ni enth la knp.. mybe diaorg. enth... spa yg bt je yg thu knp... but i don't know... mybe diaorg x open minded or... anything..

p/s sorry... byk ckp plk.... hahaha. tpi ish tak ske la org yg ske ambil org kerje ni klau memilih... cbe tgk qualified dya...

C!k LaYLa PiPi GeBu said...

suka tgk fashion kamu..sytle ..
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dEsy Property said...

Kalau jawab,mestilah sayaaaaang~

Usaha.usaha. dan usaha sedaya habis!
anak muda,jangan cepat putus asa.
yakin boleh!

Kalau namanya rezeki,macamana lari ke hujung dunia pun akan TETAP milik kita!

yakin dan usaha.

*orang baru. :)

zhOprenIa said...

they might have their own reasons.
tapi sepatutnya mentality macam ni tak perlu ada kot.

i believe theres no such thing 'chances to get job become slimmer.'

kalau mereka taknak ambil. ramai lagi yang nak guna pekerja. rezeki masing².

Ieqa Swetluv said...

agree with your words..

kalau semua company macam ni perangai, susahla alamatnya nak cari kerja. Tapi yang teruknya, kadang2 ada kedai/company yang tauke orang Melayu pun pesen nk cr pekerja free hair.. apekahh~~????!!

Anonymous said...


- suzi

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

thank you all for your opinions and stories!!

the fact is, the world is developing in a fast pace. and i do agree with most of you.
everyone have to have a taste of rejection at some point in life, to gain experience.

so let your scarf never be a barrier to your future. if you believe you have the goods, then deliver.

have faith, be strong, never give up and look for opportunities. insyallah anda dimurahkan rezeki =)

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

always loving this blog tho i'm a silent reader.

this entry is made for u: