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Thursday, December 2, 2010

oh na na, what's my name

thank you Cik Epal for bringing in more people to my blog yang small-small ni!
to all you new friends, HELLO!
to old friends but not that old, WASAAAPPP!!


oh i want to apologise to all of you firstly, coz i didn't have that much time to check out your blogs. i am positive that your blogs are wonderful!! so sorry ek! i will insyallah, when i have the time ok! being in the working world somehow takes the life out of me when i get home. i usually just watch youtube or tv.. and facebooking..
oh to you who said hi to me on my facebook, thank you ya! i like it when those i've added actually said thanx to me. it's polite! heeee..

anyways, i have a story to share. 
my friends and i watched the theatre called Natrah two nights ago. 

Natrah was played by Maya Karin. oh Maya, why are you so gorgeous? and why are you acting as a teenager padahal you're already in your 30s? haha! 

so at one point, Natrah was at a crossroad between her real mother and her adoptive mom (mak angkat).
she really loves her mak angkat, so she was battling with her real mother to let her go and stuff.

then she said, with heartfelt hatred and anger,
full of despise,
disgust and anguish,

"Maria maria maria!! SAYA BENCI NAMA ITU!!"

why? why do you hate that name?? Dato Yusof Haslam bukan main suka nama Maria ok! he kept using the name for the characters in his movies!


ok the name Maria doesn't have an Islamic meaning, but it has in Latin!
which are The Star of The Sea and Beloved. the star of the sea? mcm cool ek. haha!

the name Maria also have been made into songs!

Maria maria, Santana (Latin pop)
Maria, Ricky Martin
Maria, Rage Against the Machine 
Maria (1956 song), West Side Story 
Maria, The Sound of Music 
Maria, Blondie 
Maria, Green Day
Maria, The Jacksons 
Ave Maria, Beyonce

and the list just goes on and on.

so Natrah, or anybody else out there, don't la hate the name Maria. it's a cool name! hehehehehe!! =p

oh btw! Maria Elena is a song too! 
that's how my parents thought of my name. ever heard of it?
if you haven't, this is Nat King Cole's version. Michael Buble sang an english version but you have to download it to listen. as if you're going to do that.. haha!! 

thank you Nat King Cole for making a tribute to me. hahahhaa!! =p

ok now let's ChillPopia!

notice the similarity?
why yes! it's that waist belt! it's so simple and feminine and it doesn't oversell cuteness!
the belt is from Old Blossom Box, fyi. i thought it was really versatile when i saw it. terus beli!

so this is my idea of turning a blaahhh ensemble into ehh cool! one. haha!!

anyway, the point of this post? 
nothing really. just want to make myself and all you Marias' feel better. hik hik!! sorry ya~

ps: i'm trying to get a camcorder to make vlogging easier. see the distance i would go for you! hahaha!! =p 
well actually i kinda like vlogging but camcorders are quite expensive.. so we'll see la how. heee.. boleh tak i bukak tabung camcorder? haha!



keSENGALan teserlah.. said...

n beautiful maria juga..
=D that kebaya..~

nyna said...

nama u unique ok :)
jangan main2 siap ade lagu tu.hihi

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

kebaya cantik sgt!

Nadia H. said...

i suke name u! hee..

nurul huda said...

cntik ble sis pkai kebaya tuh :D

addictedtoeleven said...

style laaaaaa

cik kia said...

sis,shawl you sama mcm i hehehe ;D ohh mariaa marianaaaa ! eh silap maria elena hehe

rainbowskittle said...

maria elena ! nama maria best okey .
nak belt tu nak nak nak !

Bella said...

wow, u in the kebaya, pretty-nessss!

NUR HazieRAH said...

maria elena, sounds classic.... mmg sedap dgr nme tuuu..hihi...

the combination of the belt n the kebaya, just nice....suke sgttt..

the belt is so cute...

cerkLeng said...

hey sis.
u face look sebijik macam natasha hudson la.
sumpaa ! x tipu ! sebijik ~

kupu-kupu_cinta said...

hye sis. i am ur new friend. ngeh3~

sis cantik u pakai kebaya tu. :D

joyahLisa said...

wonderful la..
expecially ratu kebaya tuh..ahaks :D

Deanne O'horror said...

belt with kebaya? that's so adorable! i only wear that when performing malay lame, i noe. Ppl like u are sooo creative! thumbs up! cool and chicky..

aion said...

sis, issokay, for now, vlog from webbies je. is it cool enough :)
stay sempoiii !

Faressa said...

omgg enaa i loveee that belt!! its so... precious! you look super duperr sweet in that kebaya sooo chictopia!

ღ Sumomo-chan ღ said...

waooo :D kebaya tuh cantik la sis :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

salam all!!! thank you thank you, kebaya tu memang cantik. aunty i bagi the top. hehe!! =D
belt tu adorable kannn! get it (or something like it) la!!

faressa! it's so chictopiaaa~~ hahaha!!


so sweet!!! n the kebaya! really love it:D

oh farah said...

u know what? i haven't worn mine yet! i macam xtaw nak match baju apa dengan that orange yang i bought tu!!

..pelangimerahjambu.. said...

i was reading this entry and the maya karin's song erti cinta pop out in the radio..and i laughed mcm giler and said..aiyoo..wut a kebetulan..ngeh.. r u dear?

sophie said...

U look gorgeous with kebaya! Maria Elena bunyi sedap! Suka dengar

cik EPAL said...

oh maria maria.

nak waist belt tu! serious comel ouh. tak terpikir nak pakai dengan kebaya. style =)

meowwmania said...

cantik kebaya tu, love the colour!

crazy_labelle said...

gamba u yg pakai kebaya tu paling cantik dalam 1028 pic dalam blog ni...

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hey terima kasih anda semua!!!
btw crazy labelle, i ada 1028 pics ke??? me gosh!

i3na said...

uuu cantik ler pulak maria pakai kebaya th.. nampak ayu pulak.. hehe..

Cik Nathrah said...

sis sis sis maria! omg! feymes giler skang! dulu masa i follow u ada 80 je follower! hehe..keep it up sis!

atiqah said...

suka idea belt pink creative sangatttttt!!! <3<3<3 143 hahahaa

L said...

i hve the same belt,tp merah. i love urs,my fav colour. and look sweet. tp time i beli kt OBB ada merah jee. look nice on kebaya. tak sangka. tp maybe sbb u pun kurusss :)
btw, mcm mna nk buat bentuk mcm riben tuuu?

Fatin Suri said...

name maria waktu zaman dulu tak femes,sebab tu die ta suke :P

haha,btw i baru tahu ade lagu tu.
tp ta brani nak play the vdeo bcoz ibarat stok muke pengganas sbg covernye.

*aih,memang dasar luar-pandang betul lh kw nih fatin!

hv a nice day,peace <3

sue. said...

c0mel 0k maria..heee.....

~cik manis~ said...

the song beautitul maria suits u best sis !

adore ur style. ;)

sue. said...

darling..apdet larh pasal meet up with yanny shea jezmine and many m0re tu..

Fazira said...

hey beautiful!
nama maria tu sangat sedap okeyh.. :D
btw i loveeee ur belt!!! len kali plis la bli due bg i satu...haha :P

Anonymous said...

i loveeee your belt baby!

alexa yussida said...

nice name..nice person:)

shandye. said...

whats wrong with maya karin playing a teenager role?

ramai je stok-stok 'orang tua' kat hollywood tuh yg main watak teenagers and you guys tak komplen pown??!!

like that girl nina dobrev who apparently lawa gle n i hate her flawlessly-perfect-in-every-scene hair. she's 21 tp pegang watak budak high school. apecer?

and don't get me started with blake lively yg oso super-duper ohsem gle lawa tuh.

ok ok...

the point is that i think if the actor/actress delivers his/her role convincingly, i don't see the harm of them playing a younger role when the fact is that they're not the same age of the role that they're playing. eh, mende yg aku meraban ni? ah, well... make sense kan?

oklh... cheerio...

p/s:- ur blog is ahhhhsaammmmm!!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

eh shandye! dont get me wrong, i wasnt saying that it's bad! i was only jokingggg, duhhh! dont take it seriously ok?

chill ya!

ps: thank youuuu!! =D

miss.dee said...

mariaaaaa cantik nyaaa!!
miss u anyways


cepat follow my blog + twitter or else i kick ur ass once i see u!!

hey. ur aunt is my boss now... heee takut!!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous and very nice

Anonymous said...

hye maria.. lawa sgt belt u.. mana u beli ek..