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Monday, October 4, 2010

how to conquer your inner Hulk when you're driving!

i saw road rage the yesterday.

this dirty-shabby-dark-blue-Hyundai car took over a shining-shimmering-splendid-Mercedes Benz at a sharp corner a.k.a selekoh tajam.

u can imagine la what happened after.

the merc kejar si hyundai, and i saw the two cars zig-zagged on the highway. the merc cocok si hyundai tu, sampai i lak rasa cam nak nangis. is it the hyundai's fault for overtaking the merc at the corner? mind you, it was not done dangerously. does it hurt so much to be overtaken by a shabby dirty car while yours is as silver as Harry Potter's patronus (it's a silver doe, in case you're not a HP fan)?

just because the merc is a bigger and more expensive car than the hyundai..
merc tu la noob..
tak reti take a sharp corner..

but then, even i have a terrible temper when im driving.

kalau ada kereta nak potong i, and they didn't signal; when the traffic light is turning red when i'm about to pass it; when i want to cut lanes but there're motors in between the lane; blablablabla, i will become Hulk-ish. and it ain't pretty! however, i think i've made progress. i am less Hulk-ish now. How?

here are some TIPS on how to DEAL with raging temper when YOU'RE driving!!

  1. instead of flicking your middle finger, make a PEACE sign instead!
  2. when you're about to finish the word "BAB...", quickly finish it as "BABA DAN NYONYAAA!!!" it'll make you think of melaka's lovely food! mmmm.. asam pedas...
  3. when you're about to finish the word "BOD..", finish it with "BODY KU HOOOOOTTTTTT!!" and insyallah it will become hot! you know what they say: Law Of Attraction! say it and believe it. it will happen! hehe!
  4. when you feel like cocoking a car from behind, dig your nose instead! it'll give you the satisfaction of koreking the dirt out your nose thus you'll have cleaner nostrils! or you can rub your eyes, scratch your head or bite your nails. those work too!
  5. if 1,2,3 and 4 doesn't work for you, then sing-along to the song on the radio!  
  6. if none of the above works, think of this then:

taken from Google Image

how's that? hope it helps!

try to control your temper when you're driving, ok friends? you don't like it when others do it to you, so then don't do it to others la. karma~
we all wanna live just another day. so drive carefully and PEACE!

ps: sorry the picture is kinda obscene, but hey, you did get distracted! hahahahahahahaha!! =p


The Girl said...

cik kak oit..patronus charm lah,bukan patronas....jgn jd petronas sudeh...hahaah...

Anonymous said...

LOL @ cocoking. mcm indonesian word. mcm chocolate product pon ade gak. coco king. hahaha.

eeqa~ said...

haha! nice~
BODyku hott.... haha
tang digging nose tuh xboleh blah..

thumbs up!
i nak try lah~ hee

ismishahril said...

sengal sehhhh. adoiiiii *gelak gelak sambil cocoking hidong*

yaya said...

errr.. tekejut when I see cocoking for COCKing... ehem

sorry for my dirty minds..


Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

wooopppss!! tertypo di situ. tu la. teringat petronas sangat.. sorry sorry..

sesengal these tips pun, it will help! haha!

yaya!! mentang2 nak kahwin!! hahahaha!! naughty!

abel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nurul nadea said...

kelakar lah u ni..haha..bila drive n ade driver macam celaka, memang mulut i ringan je nak cakap babi. ok lah, i take ur advice, baba dan nyonya...hahaha

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hahah! i was like that tauuuu!!
senang gila nak mencarut, but in the end, it makes my day ruined. so i tanak dah camtu.
let's go to melaka! makan asam pedas. haha!

Whoda said...

hahaha niceeee....
i'll keep dat in mind =p

Whoda said...

hahaha niceeee....
i'll keep dat in mind =p

Anonymous said...

omg you are soooooooooo hilarioussssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Sayer Best said...

hahaha...nice tips..
berkesan untuk driver yang bad-tempered,just like me..hee

natashagideon said...

oh my. that whole look on gaga gives me the tingles! *covers vajay-jay* OUCH!

Nurmujahidah Ismail said...

alamak,,tergelak hebat baca entry ni,, jahat tol kak maria,, buat orang jadi camni,, hahaha!!! cocoking!!! :D