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Friday, August 6, 2010

Slash and His Grandpa

Hi! my name is Maria (maw-ri-yahhh)~~ cis, boxxy's starting to rub on me..
anyhoos! i went to Slash's concert last night with my darlingness. admittedly, i don't really know his songs, also Guns N' Roses.. and i did try to study his songs on youtube before going to the concert, but then you know, sekali imbas, mana nak ingat all songs. 
nonetheless, they were really good performers! they all played NON-STOP from 8.15pm to 9.30pm! NON-STOP! and they're not malaysians so you can see how sweaty they were to the point i rasa they can pitam due to heat-stroke.

but nahhhh. It's Slash! 

ni Amy Search's drummer. BEST SIOT INI MAMAT!!

oh sorry.. tadaaa!! Slash!
Slash and his poses =B

but what really caught my attention was someone in this picture. see him?
PAKCIK!!! pakcik tengah record with his phone!!!
Pakcik suko!! Pakcik suko!!! Pakcik nok Encore!!!

this Pakcik knows how to ROCK you gedik-ers! 
He really deserve all the respect in the world for being strong (amidst the crowd and standing throughout the concert) and being such a cool sport. i hope when i'm old and grey, i would still be at concerts of my favourite bands. and rocking my arthritis off!



Adil said...

Slash played for Michael Jackson few times.. Love him! He's a legend~~~

Maria said...

yeah he is really good! and he was so energetic. kudos to the old guitarist. =D