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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sesat ke sayang?

as a driver, i definitely have some pet peeves while on the road.

1. driving behind a driver who can't make up their mind or distracted. kejap signal kiri, kejap signal kanan. konon nak masuk junction, pastu tiba-tiba masuk lane balik. i get that you're confused, but you're confusing me too!

2. motorists. i don't mean all motorists are bad, but often i get stressed out by them. no offense! most tend to criss cross on the road, even when it's rush hour. it's not safe ok? cars want to change lanes too.

3. at night, people who flashes their highlights more times than necessary. i get that you want me to get out of your way but u nak i mati rabun ke? flash once or twice is ok. more than that, you have a problem. (patience man, patience)

4. people who don't let you cut them. honestly?!!? chill la!

5. sesat. should i elaborate?


okay so i had an interview just now in Shah Alam.
i knew of it since last week, and i kinda threw off the routine of google-mapping from my house to the place and just chill until today.
so i wrote down the directions from the map (as was given in the email), i google-mapped it too just in case and took off 2 hours before the interview. 

just in case.

well, just in case was good. i was lost!
naturally. *sigh*

for those of you who do not and may not know, coz you didn't ask. well why would you kan? takde keje ke? 
"maria, you selalu sesat ke? btw my name is Awesome"

eh eh. what i want to say is, i am prone to losing my bearings. that is to say, i lack in common-directional-sense.
hence saying, i ni senang sesat la. 
pahal lu?!?

but you know what?

i love Malaysia and Malaysians.

when i was lost, i stopped at this cendol stall, and an Indian guy showed me the directions to get to the place i was looking for. he tried his best too! he asked me for more names like jalan or buildings near it, and he even called his friend! ya Allah, baiknyaaaaaa!!

so he gave me directions, but only to a certain point, and then told me to ask someone else because he doesn't know any further than that la. and so i stopped at a gas station, and a Chinese guy showed me how to get to my destination. nice kan?? 

1Malaysia gila =D

you know, i've been to Europe, and honestly, they're not really keen on giving directions. i don't know la if all of them are like that. but i kid you not, they're not as 'semangat' as Malaysians! 

you can even ask directions from the tol lady and i dare say 98% will direct you to the right area. serious!

whenever i'm lost, i always ask for directions. and so far, i have never met anyone who turned me down. even those people who don't know.. ok cite lagi satu. =p

i was lost in KL right, so i asked this security guard for the place i was looking for la. he wasn't even local! but he was so determined to help me, he walkie-talked a lady and led me to her and then she pointed the way to me.

i mean, how baik is that?!

he may not be Malaysian, but helpful as hell he was. =)
that lady was too! she even suggested that i should get a drink. hahaha! (i was sweating like crazy masa tu)

so all in all, purpose of this post, is to highlight that, aside from our different race and religion, levels of education, qualifications, physical attributes, hair style, eye colour, how long your nails are, colour of your car, etc etc.. when someone asks you for help, you would try your best, wouldn't you? as others would do for you.

it's all good. =)

take care peeps! 
Selamat Berpuasa! makan jangan gelojoh sangat. tak manis! hehehe =p


Nurulbadiah Lai said...

indeed..i agree with u...xkesah siapa pon kita..we have to be good to others..kalau org mintak tolong..just give ur hand..aite??
berbalik kepada Malaysian people..sometimes..i do agree that they are not so helpful..dan kdg2 sgt tidak polite..

i still ingat lagi..I hold doors for people. Men, women, children, doesn't matter.
It's the polite thing to do.
But why is it so goddamn hard for people to open their mouth to just utter a simple "thanks"?...huhu

ari tu pernah i jumpa mat saleh..time tu i nk masuk satu depatment..
when i had a white woman hold a door open for me after her kids went through and she probably thought I acted strange just because I was so surprised.
I walked through and in turn opened the next door for her and her 3 small kids...
so..dis is de way i thanks to her..god bless her heart..hehehe
What I hate and I mean HATE, is when someone is behind me and I hold the door open stretching my arm for them to take control of it only to have them walk fully through next to me without even touching the door like I'm their butler.hateeeeeee...

mybe comment i ni mengarut..but ade reasonnye ngn entry to determine baik ke tak seseorng tu..very hard dear..
nice post like always u do:)

ezzah k. said...

siyesly sgt annoying! rase nk langgar2 je moto tu kan kan. dorg rase dorg kebal kot.

Maria said...

NurulBadiah; you are right! kita tolong orang niat ikhlas and bila orang tu appreciate, we will feel good about it maka lagi selalu nak tolong orang. tapi if no appreciation was given (even senyum pun tak) memang rasa cam not worth it. oh well, we just do what is right kan =)

ezzah; haha! memang. semalam masa drive tu rasa cam nak mencarut2 je. i think diorang mencabar kesabaran car-drivers la. haha!! =p