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Monday, July 26, 2010

oh my Boobness!

Find a common factor.
(eh, macam too mathematical.. hehe!)

from these pictures, don't you think these artists have a weird obsession with their boobs and nipples? pardon me for sounding like a pervert, but seriously, don't you think so??

ok, so you have big, round and healthy boobs and you decided that showing it to the world would make you more famous because you would be considered as a sex symbol and can pose for Playboy magazine, coz let's face it, if you're not in the magazine, you're not there yet. so you thought, since you can't be butt naked in your videos, so why not wear this kind of costumes to highlight your assets, right?
you thought, "hey, i wanna make guys drool over my sexy body and imagine me naked and i want girls to feel like if they don't have big boobs, then they're not sexy", oh another one thought for the girls, "if they don't show off their shapely boobies, then they're not sexy".
isn't it?

dunno la these hollywood minds.. trying to plant their ideas through videoclips and movies.

all i can say is, girls, don't show off your boobies because you feel it'll get you the attention you need or to feel sexy. you are just perfect the way you are!! (guys, please remind your girls that!)
whether you're a muslim or not, being sexy is just being confident. not pasting coke cans on your bra or something like that. hehehe!!



Merissa K. said...

maya, you got the inspiration to write this lepas jumpa i petang tadi eh?

Maria said...

ya Allah, TAKKKK!!! i had it for quite a while cuma malas cari proof. gosh tasha, i never meant u la!! sumpah!!

Merissa K. said...

adoi kelakar la u maya. i knowww laaa. saja je nak kacau u. hahaha

Anonymous said...

hahaha. you have a point there. but then isn't there a saying "flaunt it if you got it"?

Maria said...

tasha; u memang =p

anon; true true, but u don't have to be distasteful about flaunting it off right? we girls, have class =D

Faressa said...

Enaa i didn't know you have a blog! awesomee *clicks follow* =D

Maria said...

babyyyy!!! didnt know you have a blog too!! *follow* =B

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