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Thursday, July 22, 2010

cute ke?

ok, so i found this video, and i was baffled with her..umm..expressions?
i don't know... camane nak cakap ek?
this girl, at first, i thought was faking her cuteness. but she managed to grab hold of my attention till the end of her video. i thought she is actually genuinely cute! but she's not my type. i like girls with sharp features and talks lesser than this one. eh, macam lesbo jap. i have a boyfriend ok.

sila lah tengok.

i bet you think she's adorable now kan? but you feel she's a bit weird too right?

kan kan kan??

cute in a weird way..
(tiba-tiba rasa cam nak pakai eyeliner)



Ernie Azera said...

cute weirdo seyh!! haha funny funny!

..pelangimerahjambu.. said...

cute giler..full of expression..

Maria said...

haha!! cute kan? tapi cam cartoon pun ada. dia buat pout pun nampak cute dah, camane? heheeh!!

NUR HazieRAH said...

sometimes nmpk cute, n sometimes nmpk cm hape je...klau die x bwt expression muke yg over mmg nmpk cute

Maria said...

hahaa!! u have a point! rasa cam dia faking it, tapi entah la. pape pun, dia ni cam weird sket. in a cute way! hahha!

Merissa K. said...


but yeah i think she meant for it to be that dramatic to mock ppl kot.


mana u jumpa ni mayaaa?

Maria said...

mana i jumpa? i also dunno. i was just youtubing, then i saw this one. hahaha!!

Nurul Aain said...

i like her on the video. cute gila.

but if she's in front of me, i would probably slap her to make her stand still.

or probably pukul dia macam lalat

Maria said...

hahaha!! aggressive nye u!
but i think i would too.

after a while, it will get annoying kan.


Jo Qusary said...

OMG, she's cute! Just like Kate Bush... I'd go les for her ;)