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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

on a different note.

we all are judgmental people.

a person's decision, opinion is their own.
their actions, their consequences.

who are we to say we would it differently if it were us?

we are not them, they are not us.

i believe everyone has reasons behind their actions.
circumstances, environment, along with other things affect our decisions. true?

so leave it be. biar saya yang layan.


i can't believe it's almost the end of the semester.
i love this uni but i (sometimes) cannot stand the juniors. i keep telling myself that i was once a noob too.
sometimes, like seriously la.. they're quite gelabah.

i drive a pink car, which i am proud of and love.
so some guys ni la suka nak buli la konon. bajet cool.

hey kanak-kanak.
i am your kakak. i went through what you're going through.

if you baru nak crawl in da uni, the hot weather pun is killing you sampai you mintak aircon in your room (apa perasan you anak raja ke? tut tut tut..), every week nak balik rumah sbb food kat tronoh tak best la apa la, baru lepas driving school, and your car has a sticker 'P',
kiss your own ass, leave my car alone, and jangan bajet cool sangat. jalan kat utp is small and not practical for drifting and showing off. kalau nak show off, strut your 'stuff', sila tampar diri sendiri. loser kot. no one thinks its cool.
just annoying.

to whoever yang letak note kat my car, i want to know you better. datang lah ke bilikku. and i'll belasah you dengan bahagia-nya. haha!! kidding. i won't belasah of course, but hey hey. tolong jangan bajet.
berani gila letak note (dah la pasal benda yang takde masalah pun sebenarnya), but tak berani nak face me. wth? poyo = gelabah = loser.

its not that i don't like all of them! no no no.
these peeps je, yang poyo loser, bawak kete sticker 'P' and then ada hati nak ngorat my car je. oh oh, and those yang look at me, thinking i'm their junior. ok, i should be honoured that i look young sampai some thought i'm a junior, BUT still.

so juniors,
take it easy k. you have a long way to go.
you'll enjoy life better when you don't worry about your image too much.
remember: getting attention is different than asking for it.
attention-seeker biasanya mengundang negative feedbacks (more behind your back).

senior la korang ni =D
bila nak buat Chemi Day?



-AcHuL- said...

kah3~ ape content note dia mariana? story sket.ahaha..

.m.e. said...

dah cite kan! hehehee..
achul, bila lagi nak buat chemi day ni? =B