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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dont wanna grow up

via Karl Johnston - cantik kan?

To think that everything's over,
FYDP, tests, classes,

it's very unreal.

i never thought that i would ever graduate. let alone finish studying.
it has been, non stop! since schooldays, to highschool years, to matriculation, and finally to university.

i knew it will happen soon. naik atas stage, amik scroll dari Tun (oh, saya nak bawak camera atas stage, pastu camwhore ngan Tun masa amik scroll, boleh?), and then baling topi papan tu sambil lompat bila tangkap gambar. i imagine, i will cry like crazy. especially bila peluk ern. (ern, saya cinta awak!)

never did i anticipate the days, when i will wake up in the morning, go to work, balik, then repeat the same routine, and earn for a living.

it's a different thing, doing internship and working. being an intern, we were to learn and we have room for mistakes.

i don't want this to end.
i will miss like crazy, all my friends. you people i have been living with for the past 4 years. we don't have to be roomates, or housemates.
we all have seen each other's changes.

orang sana dah couple, orang sini dah break,
orang sana dah berlawa, orang sini dah semakin selekeh,
orang sana dah rambut hitam, orang sini dah rambut kuning.
orang tu pandai main guitar rupanya, orang tu banyak cakap rupanya.

orang tak kenal kita pun, tau pasal kita indirectly,
orang kita tak kenal pun, kita tau pasal dia indirectly.

there's always someone we baru kenal. it's impossible to know everyone! even in the same batch!

i will miss my life as a student.

UTP pun, will be dearly missed.

*tiba2 nak nangis*
i don't look forward to the end of this semester.
wuu.. =(


givan26 said...

awww.. i'm sad to leave this place as well.. and to think 5 years ago i almost quit :P

Lya said...

aww maria.. saya yg bukan student utp ni pun sedih tauu.. everytime i have to leave that place. huhu

but (nak kerek skit) i guess thats d advantage of me going to a crappy institution. i swear to god i cant wait to graduate n leave uitm forever! :P

Lina said...

Alaaa Mariaaa,
you buat I sedihh jugaaak huu

.m.e. said...

huuuu.. jangan la sedih leench..
lya, uitm lain kot. takde tasik =p
but uitm ada oblong sedap!!! tak fair!!

ivan, im going to miss u!!!!! ='[

givan26 said...

awww.. i bet we'll bump into each other somewhere or meet up.. our houses are only 10 minutes apart kot.. LOL

.m.e. said...

hahaha!! true true!
tapi nak bump into u,is quite difficult. mmg up to chance gila! hahaha!! =p
oh ivan, our mission tu, tak tercapai lagi!

Merissa K. said...

lahai lahaaaaai.
jangan buat i sedih dengan entry mcm ni boleh?

lepas ni i nk duduk atas flying squirrel siapa lagi sampai pengsan?

.m.e. said...

oh sorry tassshhhhaaaaa!!!
hahaha!! dont sit on my baby pleaseeee!!!! =B

u'll be da reason we'll be coming back here tasha, im sure. nanti i akan organise a rombongan ke utp untuk memenuhkan bilikmu. ok? =D

Inana Douie said...

alahai. i almost teared up :/

takpa, nak jumpa maria senang je, pergi bertenggek dekat OU. heeee~
kalau nak jumpa ivan pulak, hmm pergi bangar?

.m.e. said...

bangar pun boleh~
yes, jumpa saya di ou. tak pun, murni. haahaa!
jgn tear up just yet ins. ur schedule sucks. haha!! =p