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Friday, November 20, 2009

Billie Jean is not my lover

you know how when you see something,
then you go

"eee.. *insert object* dah lawa/cool.. tapi *insert property/criteria disliked* memburukkan *object mentioned*"

you might criticise the person for having a..ummm..well, not your taste.

i suggest, based on my experience, to you people,
don't do that.

you might just get what you don't wish for.

i am not a huge fan of pink (as much as i am for turquoise, green, red, white, black and a few more), but dum dum dummmmm..

a Pink Object is what i got.

oh dad! i love it! but i wish its in a different colour. - is what i would say if i'm a snotty brat yang perasan princess mintak kena tumbuk.

but all i did was say thanx to my dad for it and blame myself for thinking what i thought as written above (omg.. mcm jawab exam lak..). macam kena karma balik, you know. how i don't wish to have a certain something, of all things in the world, but that something is what i got.

so yeah, i don't know when i gave my dad the hint that i am a pink-lover.
but the deed is done.

it is i, with the Pink Object that i shall be driving around, with the name Billie Jean, bestowed by my parents.

don't be surprised eh!

btw, i love you abah!


Lya said...

lemme guess.. u got a pink jazz?

Azhani.Azizan said...

wow. congrats maria. ure gonna be the real centre of attention. careful tho, ure gonna distract a lot of drivers out there! kalau tiba2 dlm news ada byk plak accidents, i tau laa sape penyebab hahahaha

.m.e. said...

moooo!! hahaha!! dont wish it!

lya, well ur guess is ALMOST accurate. hahaa!! good job! ;p

Merissa K. said...

omg. u dapat kereta baru??
how did i not KNOW thisssss??

and there i was, thinking that we live in the same house. (different time zone mungkin)

.m.e. said...

yeah, u live in the twilight zone, whereas i live in the oh-stress-exam-tak-habis zone.
this house mmg ada void somewhere in between. am i making sense? macam tak. hahaha!!
heee.. nanti i take u around in my Billie ok? =)