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Friday, October 16, 2009

i wanna rock with you

'twas a night of the dinner
when everyone was high
a night to remember
a night that flew by

lo sat maria
and behold sat azera
a couple or bikers wannabe
also, members of excuse me

3 years it had been
since we've stayed in
the same room (or inn)
only now, with a different scene

that night we played
songs of different beat
on the drums i hit
and the guitar she picked

and i am proud of the gig
thank you, i may say
for we both did not
make a fool of ourselves, yay!

and now we rest
in our humble nest
mourning to our loss
our dear dc plus plus

but heed our mourn
coz now we can surf
from dusk till dawn
on youtube watching smurfs!

to all my friends
and to all unknowns
sometimes life gives u lemons
when u thought it would be bones

so be happy!
go out and about!
watch a movie
or have a pig-out!

Happy Deepavali to all~

poetry is not a talent of mine
and the true motive of this
is a mix of everything
i guess =)

pps: blame HIMYM


Bossster... said...

poem barney xley blah...haha... sexless innkeeper

.m.e. said...

hahaha!! kann kannn!!

Merissa K. said...

oh tapi ini terlalu comel!