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Monday, October 5, 2009


futsal match was last Saturday(3/10/09)
and dammit, it was fun! and not to mention, HOT!
as a first-timer playing futsal in a team, i realised playing futsal is like dancing with the ball on the court. it was tiring, looking down all the time, not knowing where your team mates are, but then, after a while, best doh!
these were some of the skills i've learnt:

1. garu kepala bila nak tendang bola.

2. spirit fingers dulu baru terajang the opponent. (good job inot!)

3. guy in blue shorts (sorry tak kenal nama): buat pilates bila bola dah lepas adalah amalan beliau.

4. malik: meng-apply kan skill joget zapin dalam menyepak bola. it's a plus.

5. bila competitive sangat, pukul bontot opponent (only bila tak puas hati). tidak digalakkan.

6. fencing bola pun boleh~

ada banyak lagi peristiwa2 yang berlaku pada hari itu. weird ones, kelakar ones, and cool ones too!

all in all, i had great fun playing futsal. and our team, VAM, we won 2nd place!
biarlah noob, asalkan power!

great job everyone! regardless of your courses, you've all played your best!
memang rockstar la we all!!

now our faces are burnt, muka pink ada, merah ada, brown ada, so let us try our best now to putihkan balik our faces before the dinner!

ps: the pictures were not meant to membahan or mengutuk, but just for fun and frankly, they're funny! heheee.. so, sorry if tuan punya gambar terasa..


Nina Alyssa said...

hahahhaha so funny la ur captions!

Nina Alyssa said...
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aween mokhtar said...

Haha, klakar2. Teringat I zaman I mude (lol), join futsal league utp. Our name smackthat (sbb lagu akon tgh famous time tu (lol again). We’ve got 2nd just like u! Better 2nd than nothing rite:p. One semester filled with futsal wont make u a pro, tp at least taula cara sepak bola dgn btul kan :p. Looks like u r having fun, keep it up ok =D.

.m.e. said...

fun was all i had this weekend! best gila main ramai2! i can sepak bola now. yayy! hahaha!
n now im tanned. crispy golden. =p

Azhani.Azizan said...

chantek ah!!
pasni kalau ade tournament i ajak u main ng ninot n adreen skali k maria? ehehehehe..jom kite buat balet plak!

Inana Douie said...

hahah to tell you the truth i did feel like doing the spirit finger dance move with the gloves on! hahaha!

.m.e. said...

moomoo: mahu!! lets lets!! =B

inot: i tot so. if i had da gloves on, i would be doing da spirit fingers, teletubby dance, mickey mouse dance, apa lagi.. apa2 lah! haha!!

thepinklover said...

Endang Harnani like this post!!

dicky said...

hai.. selamat hari raya to you and family.. not too late i tink..