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Friday, September 25, 2009

it's not over yet, raya

i found this in tokmak's fridge.
it has been expired since 29.10.2004

i was doing my spm when she had this.
i was 17.
i never had a bf then.
i wore glasses then (now contact lense la).
i was probably getting excited about going to pkn.
my parents were younger and had more hair then.
my brothers were more active too.
ike was in melaka.
arief was just a baby.

oh my gaaadddaaaahhhh..

tokmak's fridge is like a labyrinth.
doraemon's poket ajaib!

i had one tho.. it was difficult to resist.
note to self: don't.


abah made me have a hair 'makeover'.
he said my hair was kampung, busy, etc etc..

so yeah, after 5 hours of burning my ass in the salon,
me hair's done!

(ps: i look like agyness deyn ek? haha! thanx dad!)


Inana Douie said...

semoga kau tak cirit-birit :P

Diana said...

nak tgk rambut baru umi!!

.m.e. said...

tgk la wahai yana banana ku..

Melati said...

hahaaa =)) 2004 omg!!!