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Saturday, August 1, 2009


should i be happy now that utp has closed down?

1 week of unplanned holiday, i have no idea what to look forward to.
neither am i excited about being home.

suggestions are welcomed.



liverpool_21 said...

day 1 - sleep it off
day 2 - delicious, chillis , sleep
day 3 - wendy's, popeye, sleep

you can see where this is going ;)

be grateful laaa tempat tu tutup!
but i swear i feel disoriented. was juz about to get into the mood of sleeping for days.
now it's all gone down the drain

Maria said...

sleeping it off sounds very tempting.. but i wanna have some fun as well!!

but no gang.. =(

aween mokhtar said...

Maria, mari melawat Bumi Armada!
Takpun melawat I. Thanks ;).
Just have fun kt rumah, tgk TV, makan, tidur etc.
Cuti soundss soo good for working people -_-~

Maria said...

i should kan? chill chill kat rumah.. masalahnya, i takleh duduk diam..
nak buat fyp ke hah.. ugh..